Danish regulator expands self-exclusion system to physical stores

Image: Shutterstock

The Danish Gambling Authority, Spillemyndigheden, has confirmed that the country’s ROFUS self-exclusion system has been extended to include betting in retail outlets.

A regulatory update suggested that this change was necessary to heighten protections for consumers, in addition to strengthening efforts to combat money laundering and match fixing.

This extension to include betting in physical stores entered into effect yesterday (October 1, 2023), and only applies to registrations created on and after this date. No changes will be made to that created prior to the start of the current month.

“If you are registered with ROFUS before 1 October  2023 and do not renew your registration, the exclusion will remain unchanged,” a DGA statement noted.

“You will still only be blocked from online gambling offered by gambling operators with a Danish licence, physical casinos in Denmark and from receiving direct advertising from these.” 

Furthermore, from the aforementioned date it also became mandatory for players to identify themselves with a Player ID when wagering on a retail basis at locations such as kiosks and betting shops.

The implementation of the Player ID, which was initially agreed in November 2019, means that ROFUS now also blocks betting in physical stores.

Subsequently,  a registration with ROFUS, or a renewal of an existing registration, on or after October 1, 2023, will now block:  

  • Online games offered by gambling operators with a Danish licence. 
  • Physical casinos in Denmark.
  • Physical bets offered at a physical retailer, e.g. kiosks or betting shops in Denmark.
  • Direct advertising from these gambling operators.

“The background for the expansion of ROFUS and the implementation of the Player ID is a political desire to increase consumer protection and reduce the risk of young people under the age of 18 gaining access to gambling in physical stores,” it was added. 

“In addition, there is a desire to strengthen efforts to combat match-fixing and money laundering.”