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NuxGame has upgraded its service with the Multi-brand platform management feature, allowing casinos to streamline their operations.

Through this, casino operators will be able to oversee multiple sub-brands in one place via a single main brand interface. 

The upgrade also provides more efficient team workflow internal processes with high-level security, as well as a customisable approach to gross gaming revenue with consolidated and individual sub-brand insights for detailed KPIs and data-driven decision-making.

Ultimately, NuxGame promises that the feature upgrade will allow operators to ‘maintain consistency throughout all of their brands while empowering them to adapt to local market dynamics’.

Denis Kosinsky, Chief Operating Officer at NuxGame at NuxGame, commented: “We are constantly innovating to improve our product output and maximise efficiency, helping operators focus on what matters most.

“Our new multi-brand platform management feature eliminates the need for multiple management systems, streamlining operations and empowering our discerning customers to excel across all sectors of the industry.”

Earlier this year, NuxGame expanded the retention services it offers to operators with the launch of a loyalty tier programme that rewards players for operator platform engagement.