Evoplay has established itself as a seasoned innovator that is aiming to consistently push the boundaries of igaming title creation. A strategy that has earned significant acclaim in Europe and further afield.

In a recent conversation at the SBC Summit Latinoamérica, Chief Commercial Officer Vladimir Malakchi built on this foundation to share the company’s vision for Latin American expansion, and expressed confidence in the studios’ outlook for 2024.

“Our operational and strategic plans are rooted in the possibilities in Latin America, the prospects in Brazil, and the potential role that M&A could play as European giants seek to establish a stronger foothold across the region”, he discussed. 

Malakchi added that Evoplay plans to fully leverage these opportunities by offering a diversified game portfolio tailored to the local audience’s needs, and delving deeper into understanding their preferences.

A marketing and technological masterpiece of Evoplay through the years 

In February 2020, Evoplay released a groundbreaking entry into the igaming industry via what was billed as the first-ever RPG-inspired slot in Dungeon: Immortal Evil. Soon after, 2021 witnessed the introduction of Star Guardians, an industry-first third-person shooter title. 

Looking ahead, Malakchi announced that more technological exclusives are awaiting the igaming market. It was teased that the curtain on a new flagship game will be unveiled soon, with a release scheduled for 2024.

“We’ve invested a year and a half in this upcoming release, and from both a marketing and technological standpoint, it’s poised to be a masterpiece”, stated Evoplay’s CCO.

Latin America: the next global powerhouse?

There’s no denying the tremendous potential in Latin America. However, Malakchi emphasised: “It’s crucial to highlight that the local audience, with its unique mentality and culture, demands our careful adaptation as non-local players.

“We analyse the market, study player preferences, and forge new partnerships, continually expanding our presence in the region.”

Evoplay will focus on instant games that have resonated with the local audience, the group noted. This has placed a particular spotlight on football-themed offerings, such as Penalty Shoot-out: Street, which aim to offer a vibrant setting and simple mechanics.

Diving into an in-depth analysis of the prospects within the Latin American regions, Malakchi, while acknowledging their considerable potential, stressed that the journey to achieving the status of the world’s largest online casino hub is still substantial.

Evoplay’s CCO further elucidated that the mentioned differences extend beyond mere cultural nuances to encompass varying styles, with the situation compounded by the absence of “specific numbers”, which makes it difficult to draw meaningful comparisons and formulate accurate forecasts.

“I believe the pivotal metric lies in the number of operators adopting our content. We find encouragement in these figures as they underscore a substantial level of interest from players,” he noted regarding Evoplay’s foray into LatAm.

When probed on the specific game themes Evoplay plans to introduce to the LatAm market, Malakchi highlighted the notable interest in football-themed games once more.

“We are witnessing a continuous surge in the number of football enthusiasts, and I believe that the enduring popularity of football theme in Latin America remains unchanged,” he shared.

“It is somewhat of a cultural legacy for this market, and Evoplay’s games are strategically positioned to cater to this persistent demand among players.”

In conclusion, Malakchi anticipates that if LatAm doesn’t evolve into a central hub for operators and providers, Brazil is poised to claim this status, positioning itself as the regional innovation centre for the igaming industry.

Brazil: Culture, Tax and M&A

Delving into the region in more detail, Evoplay’s Commercial Director highlighted the resurgence of football as a central theme in selecting a specific market focus. Players across the country are said to have expressed increased engagement, with their popularity demonstrating consistency.

“Clear mechanics with a specific theme, like football, consistently yield excellent results,” he emphasised. Adding a belief that: “Effective marketing, a decisive factor, coupled with operator support, will accelerate progress.”

Simultaneously, Malakchi also underscored two potential risks that could hinder a significant uptick in players being felt. “Firstly, the uncertain market size complicates showcasing operational figures. Secondly, if taxes exceed industry expectations, the market could decline,” it was noted.

Regarding the growth trend in M&A, it has noted that international giants will adhere to successful acquisitive strategies, but Malakchi doesn’t expect a significant number to come to fruition.

“We’ll likely witness up to a maximum of ten robust acquisitions by European giants, leveraging this strategy to gain local expertise. However, I don’t foresee it becoming widespread,” it was concluded.