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GG.BET is seeking to gamify its betting and casino experience through the launch of GG.Leagues, which enables users to tap into leaderboards and build their profile. 

As a result, GG.BET users can now personalise their gaming profiles, build up levels and compete with other players as part of a new rankings system. 

GG.BET’s press office offered the following statement: “GG.BET’s passion for gaming is hardwired into the DNA of both our brands and our users. For this reason, we want to ensure that users experience the thrill of the game and get an adrenaline rush  from every moment they spend on our platform. 

“The launch of GG.Leagues is just the start of our  plans to substantially overhaul our offerings and completely “gamify” the GG.BET platform.” 

Looking ahead, users can benefit from Fame Points for every bet they place, as well as  playing casino games. 

Users who take part in GG.Leagues will also be able to access a summary of their personal stats and key achievements, which they’ll be able to share with their friends on social media.

GG.BET has recently underlined a focus on global expansion, with Sergii Mishchenko, CEO at GGBET UK, and Dmytro Voshkarin, CEO at GGBET, emphasising that market entries in the UK and Ukraine are a reflection of the company’s ambition to become the industry’s leading esports betting operator. 

Mishchenko stated: “We’re a very ambitious team at GG.BET. We want to be the best esports betting brand in the world and expanding our global reach is key to achieving this goal. Over the last few years, GG.BET has built up considerable expertise in the international betting market and established one of the best niche services around.

“We’re about to launch in the UK, which has earned a reputation for being one of the most highly standardised, complex and competitive markets out there. As a betting brand that aspires to become a world leader, it’s essential from a credibility point of view that we have a presence in this market.”