In the words of Tom Friston, Co-founder of MTV: “Innovation is taking two things that exist and putting them together in a new way.” Taking that as inspiration, Dr. Mary Donohue, CEO of
The Digital Wellness Center – winner of the Alpha Hub Play Well Challenge 2023 – offers her view on the future of player well-being. 

MTV changed the music industry by connecting artists directly with fans through groundbreaking videos. In a similar vein, the dynamic world of technology and gaming thrives on innovation, the catalyst for progress. It’s the art of blending existing elements ingeniously to spark industry revolutions. 

Flutter’s Alpha Hub Play Well Challenge 2023, a collaboration between global gaming and entertainment leader Flutter and The Responsible Gambling Council (RGC), embodies this spirit of innovation, akin to MTV’s pioneering journey. 

It’s a quest for superior systems, technology, and research, promising an enriched customer experience, addressing responsible gaming challenges, and driving the industry forward through their Play Well strategy. This challenge isn’t just about pushing boundaries; it’s about reshaping lives, elevating player experiences, and redefining the future of responsible gaming.

The Alpha Hub Play Well Challenge is a captivating partnership program seeking innovative solutions for a brighter future. It’s the bridge between innovation and player well-being, and one of its three challenge winners is the Digital Wellness Center’s myStridePositivePlay, a groundbreaking approach to player protection.

At its core, myStridePositivePlay revolutionises the player experience by infusing it with positivity and play. It leverages neuroscience to create an environment where players can enjoy their favourite games while balancing their dopamine levels and making better decisions. But achieving this level of innovation requires collaboration and support.

Enter Flutter’s Alpha Hub. This global initiative not only recognizes the importance of responsible gaming but actively nurtures it by providing a stage for start-ups and innovators to showcase their solutions. Through this challenge, myStridePositivePlay found the perfect partner to amplify its impact.

The potential of myStridePositivePlay is grounded in the application of gamification strategies to encourage more mindful gaming habits. Through the integration of brief, scientifically informed breaks ranging from one to three minutes, known as microbreaks, the platform is designed to help regulate the dopamine levels that fluctuate during play. 

While these fluctuations are often linked to impulsive decision-making, myStridePositivePlay aims to provide players with a tool that could support them in making more thoughtful choices. It’s important to note that the effectiveness of such tools can vary among individuals, and not every player may find the same level of benefit. 

However, by incorporating these principles, there is a meaningful opportunity to promote healthier gaming experiences, which may contribute to an increase in player engagement and positively influence Customer UX and NPS scores over time.

Where Science Meets Entertainment

The innovation at the heart of myStridePositivePlay is grounded in science. By aggregate tracking and enhancing player moods, offering rewards, and promoting responsible gaming practices, it’s revolutionising our perception of gaming platforms. It’s about using technology to create a harmonious blend of entertainment and player protection.

Integrated seamlessly into the experience, myStridePositivePlay’s patent-pending mood-enhancing technology encourages players to take breaks, reflect, and return to the game with renewed focus.

The Road Ahead

The Alpha Hub Play Well Challenge 2023 by Flutter and RGC epitomises the fusion of innovation, technology, and player welfare. It’s a testament to what’s achievable when industry leaders like Flutter and RGC recognize the potential for positive change within their own ecosystem.

MyStridePositivePlay isn’t merely a solution; it’s a paradigm shift. It reminds us that innovation isn’t just about creating something new; it’s about crafting something superior for players and the industry as a whole. As we embrace this transformation, we’re paving the way for a future where the right microbreak can help the right player, at the right time, enjoy their favourite pastime with limited risk.

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