Spillemyndigheden launches gambling information platform StyrPåSpillet

Denmark flag
Image: Shutterstock

The Danish gambling authority, Spillemyndigheden, has launched StyrPåSpillet, a new website providing information about gambling and gambling addiction.

StyrPåSpillet is part of the Danish parliament’s pledge to combat gambling addiction in the country. The government has also set aside DKK 30 million in funding to be used between 2023 and 2025, with the platform being one of several initiatives used to inform young people about the dangers of gambling addiction.

Alongside providing guidance on how to deal with gambling problems, StyrPåSpillet is a designed resource that parents and teachers can use to teach students aged 13-15 about gambling and gambling addiction. 

The platform features content such as articles, videos and podcasts. One such podcast is “Vi snakker om spillet” (We talk about the game), where the host talks to several people who have experienced gambling addiction personally or in their social circle. 

Anders Dorph, Director of Spillemyndigheden, stated: “I am really happy that we can present StyrPåSpillet. This makes it easier for parents, professionals, children and young people to find relevant and up-to-date knowledge about gambling and gambling addiction.

“It is our hope that many people will use the platform. The platform is a supplement to the StopSpillet helpline, where it is still possible to call and get help from trained staff.”

According to the Danish Ministry of Taxation, “up to 32,000 young people under the age of 18 have gambled for money online in the past year”, playing on illegal websites without a Danish licence.

In addition, up to 500,000 people in the country have problems with gambling, a figure that has doubled from 2016 to 2021.

“We must take care of our children and young people – especially in the area of games, where development is going crazy fast online,” commented Tax Minister Jeppe Bruus.

“Up to 32,000 people under 18 have gambled illegally for money in the past year – and far too many develop a gambling addiction at a far too early age. We must have done something about that. With StyrPåSpillet, parents and relatives get a tool that helps them find all information about gambling and gambling addiction.”

Later this month, Spillemyndigheden will also launch a nationwide gambling information campaign targeted at children and young people.