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Blackpool MP Scott Benton has been suspended from Parliament for 35 days following a standards committee report accusing the MP of corruption. 

Benton currently governs as an independent after having the Tory whip withdrawn over a lobbying scandal, which saw two journalists pose as gambling industry investors, where Benton agreed to table questions for the industry. 

The decision may well lead to a by-election in the region, which is home to a significant number of casinos and plays host to a large number of tourists each year. 

The Labour Party also stated that the report into Benton’s conduct was ‘damming’, however, a by-election will be unwelcome news for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, as his premiership has endured much volatility already. 

Labour shadow leader of the House of Commons Lucy Powell commented on the case: “This is not an isolated case, but comes off the back of a wave of Tory sleaze and scandal.”