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Digitain has enhanced its offering through the launch of native applications for iOS and Android devices. 

It’s a move that the group has emphasised will deliver an ‘unparalleled, immersive gaming experience’, as Digitain looks to continue its evolution in the new year. 

Edmond Ghulyan, Group Chief Strategy Officer, and Chief of Centrivo Product Solutions, commented: “We are thrilled to introduce the all-new native applications for Centrivo. This marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to provide cutting-edge solutions for our users. 

“The immersive, all-in-one experience across iOS and Android platforms, coupled with innovative features like push notifications and cross-product navigation, reflects our dedication to delivering a superior gaming experience.” 

One of the core ambitions of Centrivo’s native applications is to deliver a seamless, unified gaming experience across both iOS and Android. As well as this, the new application benefits from seamless integration. 

Before the holiday period, Digitain appointed Ghulyan as Group CSO and Chief of Centrivo Product Solutions to expand his senior management role as he takes charge of the firm’s igaming platform. 

Speaking on his expanded role, Ghulyan added: “I am excited to assume this new and more comprehensive role of leading Digitain Group towards its strategic goals and building upon the strong foundations of the Centrvio product solutions for our existing and potential partners to meet the ever-changing demands of their businesses today and for the future. 

“As a business and team, we are well placed to continue to deliver robust, scalable, and highly compliant technology and product solutions for any market and ensure that our partners can focus on building a competitive, unique and highly automated brand across multiple channels and markets.

“With the company’s rapid expansion and ambitious plans for the future, I would like to especially thank Mr Vardanyan for the incredible support during the past six years and for the new opportunity to lead Digitain Group’s Strategy.”