Evoplay had already confidently declared that 2024 would rise head and shoulders above a great 2023 back in October, and that faith has held firm upon entry into the new year.

Driven by a breakthrough sneak preview previously being held ahead of a flagship game launch, CEO Ivan Kravchuk has been speaking to CasinoBeats to reflect on recent achievements and detail the studio’s key areas of focus through the coming 12 months.

CasinoBeats: We are at the time of year when reflections are made and plans are set in stone for the year ahead. Regarding the former, what do you pinpoint as the highlights of the past 12 months for Evoplay?

Ivan Kravchuk: In 2023, Evoplay navigated a year marked by strategic growth and accolades, which makes me proud of my team. We secured titles like Best iGaming Supplier and Best Mobile Gaming Provider at the EiGE Awards 2023, Innovation of the Year at the SBC Awards 2023, and Innovation in Mobile at the EGR B2B Awards 2023.

Concurrently, our business results were robust as we strategically entered new markets and fortified our presence in existing regions through impactful collaborations with major industry players like Sportingtech, Solverde.pt, 7bet, and others.

Expanding our portfolio, we introduced 57 new high-quality games, spanning classic video slots to instant games, tailored to diverse igamers’ preferences.

Unveiling Adrenaline Rush, our third flagship game, in Malta was pivotal for Evoplay last year. The grand-scale event, attended by partners and friends, created an immersive atmosphere with gratifying feedback. Aiming to elevate productivity and ensure ongoing success in the coming year, we eagerly anticipate the 2024 launch.

CB: Global expansion is a key part of any studio’s success story. Where have the key points of entry been made across 2023 for Evoplay? And why were they so significant?

IK: In 2023, our strategic focus on cultivating new partnerships and entering unexplored markets was pivotal. The surge in our partner network by 82 per cent, propelled by impactful collaborations with industry leaders globally, reflects our commitment to expansion.

The exclusive alliance with Solverde.pt fortified our entry into Portugal, aligning with our Europe-wide expansion.

In Latin America, our instant games, notably Penalty Shoot-out: Street, made a significant splash, captivating players across the region. The approaching Football European Championship 2024 adds to the excitement, heightening anticipation for the widespread appeal of our Football Pack throughout Europe and beyond.

Looking ahead, Canada is our focal point for 2024, with the USA firmly within our vision. Evoplay’s global trajectory underscores our commitment to strategic market penetration and sustained growth

CB: Related to this previous question, which jurisdictions are falling on the Evoplay radar for 2024? And why?

IK: As mentioned, in 2024, Evoplay strategically zeroes in on key jurisdictions, primarily focusing on entry into the Canadian market.

Our diverse game portfolio is intricately tailored to cater to local preferences, spanning instant games like Penalty Shoot-out: Street or Long Ball alongside classic video slots such as X-Demon and Mega Greatest Catch, featuring exciting mechanics. The undeniable allure of the US market, ripe with fresh opportunities, propels our meticulous exploration.

Our ongoing activities also heighten our emphasis on the significant Latin America market. I am confident that Evoplay’s games will deeply resonate with local audiences, allowing them to don their favourite national team’s jersey and savour scoring goals on their smartphones anytime.

Simultaneously, our European expansion involves entering new markets and fostering strategic partnerships in existing locations.

With the imminent launch of our flagship title, Adrenaline Rush 3D game, alongside the Adrenaline Rush: XCrash instant game and video slot Adrenaline Rush: Super Boost, we anticipate making waves not only in the European market but also beyond.

CB: Looking ahead, what further developments can we expect to witness from Evoplay through the 12 months ahead and beyond? How do you plan to make further inroads?

IK: We anticipate a highly productive year with various plans and challenges. While I won’t delve into specifics, I’ll outline our key focus areas. Firstly, as I’ve already mentioned, we are gearing up for the release of our third groundbreaking flagship title centred on street racing and two additional racing games.

I am confident that this curated bundle will kick off a prosperous 2024 for online casinos and sportsbooks, reaching a diverse audience of igamers.

Secondly, our focus will be on scaling the business and developing sub-brands. With over six years since our inception, we’ve experienced substantial growth. Fortifying our current positions is crucial to sustaining this momentum, and initiating fresh projects is equally imperative.

Lastly, our plans include expansion not only in terms of geography but also by updating our portfolio with innovative gaming products that resonate with both existing and new player audiences, particularly those from the new markets we’ve recently entered or will enter in 2024.

CB: On a wider industry scale, what would you say are the key developments that we should look out for and will shape the year ahead?

IK: I believe the key game-changers for the upcoming year are blockchain and artificial intelligence. While blockchain actively reshapes our sector, AI is progressively entering.

Navigating the global challenge of AI regulation is crucial for us, operating in a highly regulated domain. Despite the recent agreement on the AI Act by the European Union policymakers, final approval is pending, and the specifics of its impact on the igaming industry remain uncertain.

AI is undeniably potent, but understanding regulation is indispensable for its full integration into the igaming realm. Concerning blockchain, its transformative impact in igaming encompasses security, transparency, and user experience.

Vigilantly monitoring the crypto industry’s evolution, industry players must be adaptable to effectively leverage benefits, enhancing the overall gaming experience for igamers.