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2024 has gotten off to a momentous start for igaming supplier 3 Oaks Gaming. The firm opened the year by expanding its European footprint by securing certification in Portugal, a fast growing and burgeoning market. 

But earlier this month, the firm marked a milestone in its company history as it secured a licence from the UK Gambling Commission, securing access to the world’s largest gaming market. 

Providing a significant boost to its operations, the UK has been a key aim for 3 Oaks Gaming for a while, but it does not come without its regulatory challenges given the upheaval the industry is currently facing. 

To mark the supplier’s entry into the UK, CasinoBeats caught up with Krasimir Pankovski, Head of Sales at 3 Oaks Gaming, to discuss the opportunities that the UKGC licence can offer the supplier and its plans for the country. 

CasinoBeats: Congratulations on securing your UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) licence. How big of a moment is it to enter one of the world’s largest gambling markets? 

Krasimir Pankovski: Thank you for the warm words! At 3 Oaks Gaming, we have a clear long-term strategy on entering regulated markets. The award of this licence from the UKGC is a huge milestone within itself, with a much bigger plan to enter a slew of new markets worldwide as the year progresses. 

The UK is one of the most mature regions globally so to launch our portfolio in such an established igaming environment represents a key opening for us at 3 Oaks. 

CB: What opportunities are you expecting to be able to take advantage of now that you are licensed in the UK and how does this move impact your business?

KP: The UKGC licence opens up new opportunities and creates more touchpoints with our partners. Although the market is one of the most competitive in the world, we are confident that by entering the UK we will announce further partnerships with some of the most revered operators in the industry and solidify existing relationships we already have in place.

CB: You have enjoyed success in other European markets but how will you ensure your titles resonate with a UK audience? Are there different consumer demands you have noticed between the UK player base and other European jurisdictions?

KP: We have already been certified in various European countries and are currently working on stable expansion in the UK, so we have an understanding of what preferences the customers have and gain further awareness across different markets. 

For us, it is important to focus on our niche, showcasing that 3 Oaks Gaming is one of the top providers of Hold and Win games across the globe and we deliver a high-quality product that continues to evolve. We also observe that the Hold and Win mechanic still has a hugely successful impact, so it is vital that we ensure that our portfolio remains fresh and unique, subtly adapting this classic series of slots with vibrant and modern twists to ensure they remain in the player’s gaze.

CB: The UK is currently revamping its regulations when it comes to online gambling – how will 3 Oaks navigate this period as a supplier and does this regulatory overhaul impact your market entry at all?

KP: While focusing on regulated markets, we understand we must be flexible in order to be compliant, so we proactively identify the areas we need to adjust in order to be successful. In addition, for the need for flexibility, we continuously plan regulation compliance in the long-term, up to the point where if there is new ISO regulation in the next year, our team has already started work to be on target to be compliant for 2025. We are already trying to remain one step ahead of the curve. 

CB: What does the pipeline look like for 3 Oaks’ UK entry – when can we expect to see your titles entering UK online casino lobbies?

KP: This year, we will be focusing on expanding our partnership circle and demonstrating the benefits of our product to UK operators. It is a long but, ultimately, rewarding journey for the entire team. Our main goals will be to establish the right connections and to make sure that our product gets the most visibility and exposure as soon as possible. 

At the moment, we are currently on the right track to deliver our titles to the market and we are excited at the prospect of completing this process in the near future.

CB: What can we expect to see from 3 Oaks throughout the rest of 2024?

KP: Undoubtedly, 2024 promises to be a prosperous 12 months for 3 Oaks Gaming. We feel we are in the position to propel ourselves to the next level and elevate our offering across numerous markets worldwide. This will inevitably bring with it different challenges but the team has met them head-on and succeeded every time and I have every faith that the next year will be no different. 

Additionally, we have multiple new game releases, with some very exciting new modifiers and features integrated in the Hold and Win mechanic, and we expect these launches to resonate with players across all of our licenced markets.