The fourth instalment of Dream Spins’ ‘The Journey’ podcast saw Josh Green and Will Barnes joined by fellow slot streamer Scotty from Fruity Slots, who told his own journey from a casual pub slot player to a frequent slot streamer. 

Looking back at how he first gained an affinity for online slot releases, Scotty explained how he started off playing 25p fruit machines and quiz games in the pub, and eventually found himself using up left-over online sports betting winnings on casino games. 

This then took Scotty back to when he was introduced to slot streaming, reflecting on a big win on a Cops ‘n’ Robbers slot machine in the bookies and was curious to see if others had experienced similar wins on the same game. 

“I was so inquisitive,” he said. “YouTube was fairly new back then, and I was typing in ‘big win on Cops ’n’ Robbers’ and it was Stop and Step that came up, so I realised someone has won the jackpot on this before. 

“As you do on YouTube you fall into a world of ‘wow’, thinking what is going on here, and then I came across Josh and I thought ‘this is something I can get onboard with.” 

“So that’s how I found the online slots, transitioning from playing the pub fruit and quiz machines to ‘aw, I’ve won a bet with a bit of money left over’ to then, all of a sudden, this world of gambling online opened up to me. 

“I think seeing other people win is just as exciting as winning myself,” he concluded, signalling why slot streaming has become so popular amongst players and businesses alike. 

Green then detailed how Scotty ended up becoming a crucial part of the Fruity Slots team, explaining how the company was looking to expand and so it called upon Scotty, a viewer and channel moderator at the time, to step up to the role of streamer. 

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