David Harris, ReferOn
Image: ReferOn

David Harris, B2B Affiliate Team Manager at ReferOn, catches up with CasinoBeats to explain how the casino affiliate management system company is aiming to revolutionise the space through innovation, easy-to-use data visualisations and real-time insights.

CasinoBeats: Can you give our readers an introduction to ReferOn and tell us about the business and what products you offer? 

David Harris: ReferOn is a state-of-the-art affiliate management system, tailored specifically to the needs of the very dynamic gaming affiliate industry. We launched ReferOn in February 2023, with a big goal in mind – revolutionising the affiliate management experience. We are set to achieve that through our comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to streamline and enhance your affiliate marketing efforts: real-time data reports, user-friendly dashboards, company grouping, simple rewarding flows, media tracking and many more.

CB: What are the key features of the ReferOn platform and what problems do you help to solve for your partners? 

DH: We’re all about taking an innovative approach. At ReferOn, understanding customer needs constitutes the foundation of our work. Our product addresses pain points centred on managing multiple affiliation partnerships simultaneously, utilising real-time insights for informed decision-making, navigating complex commission plans and payout methods, as well as tracking media effectiveness. 

We back that up with both extensive and transparent reporting capabilities and a deep commitment to customer service. Our approach contributes to the industry’s profitability and creates a dynamic and competitive ecosystem for all participants.

CB: While having advanced technology is crucial to providing valuable insights to your customers, providing an easy-to-use platform is also essential. How do you balance providing state-of-the-art technology with easy-to-use and simple visuals for partners?

DH: First of all, we adopted an intuitive design, the development of which is carried out according to best practices, taking into account the real needs of the user. The work environment is highly customizable, thus providing the users with an accurate and intuitive dashboard. We stand for delivering complex data through visualisation, which is always easier to digest. 

Secondly, the level of support offered to users is a game changer. We are doing a lot of work in terms of user training and are preparing several educational projects that we will announce soon. We also consistently collect feedback from users, which directly becomes a catalyst for new improvements to the platform. Thanks to these principles, ReferOn is successfully achieving the high-tech and ease-of-use balance.

CB: In the affiliate space, data is crucial to how we understand consumer behaviours and how to capitalise on patterns and trends. What are the key insights that ReferOn has identified and what can affiliates learn from this data?

DH: We help our partners interpret their data, and – in the process – this facilitates affiliates’ understanding of their strengths and weaknesses through ongoing feedback. As a result, partners experience enhanced financial efficiency, streamlined processes, and productive discussions centered on priorities. All parties involved gain the freedom to channel their resources into creativity, unburdened by data concerns. This is where ReferOn truly shines.

CB: Have you got any more technical plans to build out your platform further to better help serve your partners and deliver the best insights? 

DH: We have recently introduced new features such as sub-affiliation and IDC (Independent Deal Calculations), which are designed to meet the growing needs of branches and branch technical managers, alongside 2FA to increase the level of security and optimise the interface for the convenience of mobile users.

Next, it creates dynamic reports in a summary format and provides a mechanism for creating unique reward mechanics. The platform plans to simplify the processes of administering structures and payments. This includes developing a robust data control system to securely regulate the exchange of information between partners and clients.

CB: What are the biggest challenges to affiliates in 2024 and how can ReferOn help with those challenges? 

DH: The biggest challenge in the market, and this will continue for some time, is the need for data. The igaming market has a hunger for data, data, and more data. ReferOn gives the ability of fully-adaptable APIs giving the user the option to choose a wide variety of metrics and to run the data into data warehouses, aggregators, or their powerbi. We are working on increasing this further and enhancing metrics in the reports as we continue into 2024.

CB: What are your plans for the rest of 2024?

DH: We have several big-ticket feature plans for 2024, including enhancements on payments, data, and language accessibility with a wide variety of small features and functions that further enrich the user experience of the platform. ReferOn will continue being ambitious and introduce an array of innovative features. All eyes should be on us.