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KamaGames Group last week announced the introduction of two new party game modes to its Pokerist title, hot on heels of a successful launch of a suite of similar games modes earlier this year.

Daniel Kashti, Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer for KamaGames, has been speaking to Casino Beats about the innovative offerings and the necessity to stand out in a crowded market places.

Casino Beats: What was the thought behind the party game modes?

Daniel Kashti: In the hectic and dynamic gaming space, it’s crucial to be able to evolve and constantly enhance the experience for the players. Our party modes offer new twists on classic poker games. Joker Mode, for instance, would be the most familiar to card players as it is simply inserting a wild card to the deck.

Another game, like 10 to Ace, is more innovative as it gives every single player a high-scoring hand (all cards are from 10 upwards). The modes provide time constrained (modes are available for 48 hours only) tweaks to the game-play and gives more gaming variations to keep our existing players excited engaged. 

The Party Modes are free and made available to players of Pokerist every week. For the players, the modes are fun and surprising bonus games, and for us, they are yet another way to distinguish Pokerist in a crowded market. The success of these new modes is another great example of the innovation KamaGames is rapidly becoming known for.

We believe that by enhancing the core game play, as well as adding various elements to the Metagame layer, it makes our games more accessible for mainstream players and first time poker players. We constantly look for ways to enhance the player experience whilst also improving our user-base and retention.

CB: In a saturated market, how essential is it to be innovative with classic games to entice and retain players?

DK: Game publishers are obviously realizing that they have to go the extra mile with creativity in order to get ‘above the noise’. This includes enhancements to both game-play mechanics, the Metagame and rich visual experiences.

Our Party Modes help to distinguish us, but more importantly, they offer a good deal to our players too. We understand their point of view, and we appreciate that we’re not the only social casino company on the market. So offering new, free modes that we know they’ll like is a win-win, for them and for us.

CB: How do you plan to build on them heading into 2018?

DK: We have some hugely talented, passionate and creative people working for KamaGames, so we have no shortage of ideas! For the next year, we are looking to release several new Party Modes, new gaming verticals and to further grow our overall tournaments offering and competitiveness nature of our game.

These, combined with even deeper and more integrated social experience, Will help us to continue and generate interest from both existing and prospect players.