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The latest attempt by New Hampshire senator Lou D’Allesandro to get a bill passed that would pave the way for the legalisation of casinos in the state has failed, reports

For 20 years D’Allesandro, a Democrat, has fought to see legislation introduced for the the legalisation of casinos in New Hampshire and for 20 years he has failed, often by the narrowest of margins.

On this occasion, the senate voted it down by 11-10, with Democrats and Republicans split on each side of the vote.

In 2014, the bill was passed by the senate and then lost in the house, by a single vote. It is a continuing frustration that may even see D’Allesandro bring to an end his four-decade tenure in the New Hampshire senate.

D’Allesandro argued that casinos would boost by state coffers by as much as $150m a year but opponents disagreed, with Senator Martha Fuller Clark (D) among those rejecting the notion.

Clark said she believed that state-approved gambling would draw money and attention away from existing recreational activities in the state.

To one extent or another, her fellow senators agreed and D’Allesandro once again found himself on the losing side.