Pontus Lindwall
Image: Betsson

Following a successful start to 2024, we spoke to Betsson CEO Pontus Lindwall who analysed the key markets for the firm so far this year and the opportunity that awaits when it comes to a busy Summer of sporting activity. 

Revenue for Betsson reached €248.2m, a 12 per cent spike on the same period last year – bolstered by the growth of the firm’s casino output, which grew by 19 per cent to €180.5m, driven by an elevation of customer activity and a 15 per cent increase in active customers. 

Lindwall was keen to praise the company’s overall growth, “activity is high across the board and that took us to success. But, then again, casino outcomes are always a little bit more stable due to the nature of the business, whereas sports fluctuate a little bit more due to the nature of that business, which is the charm with sports. 

“I would say that the reason for coming out so strongly, and with the casino as the driver behind that, is that we have very high activity across the board in all our services.”

Betsson was also active in terms of game releases, which Lindwall emphasised is a key “way of developing the offering you have to all your customers”.

Italy provided key success for Betsson, a core market that the operator has been forging itself in for a significant period of time, according to Lindwall. 

He said: “We’ve been building up our Italian business for a very long time under the brand Star Casino. And it’s been geared towards casino as you can tell by the name. During the quarter, we also launched Betsson in the Italian market.

“We have already proven that we know how to operate in the Italian market and Italy is a very sports-prone market.”

The firm’s Italian footprint has also been bolstered by a collaboration with AS Roma legend, Franscesco Totti, an association that Lindwall stated placed the firm in ‘a great position in Italy’. 

Furthermore, he detailed that this is something the group can tap into in order to elevate its growth as it utilises the upcoming European Championships to enhance its footprint. 

Lindwall also praised the impact that the company’s M&A strategy has had in recent times as he underlined the pivotal nature of local knowledge when it comes to growing its audience in new markets.