Ogre Empire is the latest slot from Betsoft Gaming.


Journey to a world of whimsical fantasy with Ogre Empire, the story-driven slot game that gets truly wild when the sun sets!


May 28, 2018.


In Ogre Empire, the residents of a fairy tale city must take refuge indoors when an ogre turns their rooftops into his new throne. During the day, the grumpy giant swipes his club at anyone who opens their windows, triggering a cascade of symbols.

At night, the ogre finally falls asleep. The royal family fling open their shutters to see new high-paying symbols (including a Joker double wild) filling the reels, whilst the city celebrates the dark and awaits sunrise.


Players in control of the central day/night cycle with a special full-height symbol that has to display in its entirety to take effect. Land it in all three vertical spaces to change the time of day, and a direct money award is also paid out.

Going from day to night (and vice versa) changes more than just the in-game lighting and symbols.

During the day, Ogre Empire’s spreading wilds behave normally – extending outwards from where they start and only to adjacent reels – at night they act unpredictably, with new flowers appearing almost anywhere!

Ogre Empire offers a unique twist on the base game, bringing engagement and excitement. Players are sure to see the sun set, rise, and set again as they try to sneak the biggest wins possible past the ogre’s attention.


Try out a free play here: https://betsoft.com/new_games/ogre-empire/