Richard Cammegh

The CasinoCoin Foundation advisory board has added further strength to its roster, with Richard Cammegh’s appointment seeing the first addition with significant expertise across the land-based gaming sector.

Lauded as a “strategic commitment,” the current managing director of Cammegh, a manufacturer of roulette wheels, integrated roulette systems and gaming digital signage, joins the foundation as it seeks to establish a path for blockchain technology into land-based casinos.

John Caldwell, director of advocacy at the CasinoCoin Foundation, said of the appointment: “I am thrilled to welcome Richard to the advisory board of the CasinoCoin Foundation, who brings with him unparalleled experience within the land-based casino sector.

“We see a number of particularly exciting use-cases for CasinoCoin in land-based gaming. With the digitisation of the casino floor, CasinoCoin can bring immense value across a range of fields, including immutable data gathering, as well as benefits across identity and payments.”

Cammegh, who has built a global portfolio of customers from Las Vegas, London and Monte Carlo to Macau, Singapore and Melbourne, explained of his new role: “Cammegh has been the leading roulette provider to the global casino industry for 30 years, and in that time we’ve succeeded by understanding that there is more to the game than a physical wheel.

“Our products integrate a range of electronic interfaces and data-driven software, and this is where we could see some interesting opportunities to implement blockchain technology.

“So for me it was a case of finding the right blockchain specialist who genuinely understands gaming from an operator’s and player’s perspective, but perhaps even more importantly a partner wishing to stand shoulder to shoulder with gaming regulators the world over.

“That’s why I’m so excited to join the board of the CasinoCoin Foundation, which supports technology that has the power and experience to truly revolutionise the casino floor.

“I have been a keen watcher of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space for some time now, and I look forward to working closely with the team to help bring this fantastic technology to a global audience in land-based casinos and beyond.”

Cammegh joins other leading gaming execs on the board of advisors at the non-profit CasinoCoin Foundation, including Gamesys CEO Lee Fenton, chair of the Digital Isle of Man executive agency Lydia Barbara and Kindred Group’s chief experience officer Britt Boeskov.