Greece could impose €2 limit on RNG games under new legislation

The advertisement of random number generator games is set to be heavily restricted as confirmed in the draft gambling regulations submitted by the Greek Ministry of Finance to the European Commission.

The draft legislation comes as the Ministry of Finance seeks to implement further controls on the gambling industry.

As confirmed in the legislation, Random number generator games will be subject to a maximum stake of €2, with the maximum profit per gaming session set to be limited to €5,000.

Jackpot games are also set to face further restrictions, with pay outs set to be limited to a maximum of €500,000.

The draft legislation also outlines limitations that will be placed on the advertisement of random number generator games, whereby the games can only be promoted on the sites where they can be played.

Advertising limitations will not be applicable to other forms of online gaming, including sports betting, poker and other casino products. An age restriction of 21 years and over will come into force, however.

Restrictions will also be in place for the operators which were blacklisted in the 12 months before submitting their application, as they will now be ineligible for a licence.