All-Index reports an increase in female execs, drop in board representation

The All-In Diversity Project has reported a boost in female executives and a drop in board representation, as the not-for-profit initiative publishes its second annual study of the sector’s workforce. 

The All-Index Annual Report 2019 features data supplied by 26 organisations, which represent over 100 global brands, and indicates a near 50:50 employee split overall, with 46.7 per cent of the 125,697 staff members identified as women.

Detailing the findings of the study, the firm says that the discoveries support some, but debunk other, assumptions about industry stereotypes, and highlight initiatives that help support and promote workplace diversity and inclusion. 

“All-in Diversity Project is the industry’s central resource for businesses requiring data and tools in order to progress their business to a more diverse and inclusive workforce,” stated Kelly Kehn, co-founder of All-in Diversity Project

“We believe that surveying the industry annually is one of the most significant ways we can continue real progress globally. We are grateful to all participants who are both committed to their own progress but also to the industry’s overall improvement.”

This year’s report indicated that, of those organisations that participated, females makes up 41 per cent of executive teams, however, if you ascend to board level that representation has dropped 5.5 per cent from 28 per cent to 22.5 per cent.

Furthermore, it was found that every salary band shows males earning more than females, a shift from 2018 which highlighted that there was something close to pay parity for those in earnings groups up to 25,000 and 50,000, respectively.

A drop in the number of organisations offering training and learning to help support the active implementation of equality/anti-discrimination policies was also documented to around 70 per cent (2018: 90 per cent).

However, the number of organizations now offering conscious and unconscious bias training has increased from 50 per cent in 2018 to over 72 per cent in 2019.

The All-Index 2019 Report was produced in partnership with Rokker and Random Colour Animal, and any business or organisation that would like to participate can register their interest HERE.