Tsachi Maimon, CEO of Aspire Global, has been talking about the expansion of the company and how Aspire is enabling operators to break into new markets and unlock
fresh opportunities.

Speaking to Stewart Darkin, Managing Director of CasinoBeats, as part of the media brand’s Innovation in Slots series, Maimon said that while Aspire Global was already well established and highly regarded as a provider of white-label products, the company was now expanding its offer and growing aggressively. 

“Five or six years ago we wanted to be positioned as the leading company for white-label products,” said Maimon, “and we did that in a very short time.” 

Maimon explained that this had provided the foundation and opportunity for Aspire Global to diversify, a strategy that underpinned the acquisitions of Pariplay and BtoBet.

In position as the company’s chief executive since 2013, Maimon talked about the recent agreement between BtoBet and William Hill in Colombia, through which the provider will supply the iGaming PAM platform to William Hill for its operations in Colombia.

“few operators are loyal
to a single platform or
aggregator any more

Maimon told Darkin that the Aspire Global portfolio comprised “between 20 and 25 top-tier operators to whom we supply at least one of the products we sell.

“This was not the case a little over a year ago,” he added, stressing the rapid growth the group is seeing.

“The agreement with William Hill followed due diligence the operator did on our products before making the decision to sign with us,” said Maimon, citing this as evidence and validation of the direction Aspire Global has taken.

“We made a lot of efforts in the last 12 months to dramatically increase the infrastructure and be able to carry out millions of transactions per month,” he said, adding, “we have many surprises on the horizon”.

Reflecting many changes across the gaming sector, Maimon said few operators are loyal to a single platform or aggregator any more. Aspire Global, he said, recognised that to cover more territories and offer quality products, it is necessary for operators to have more than one platform provider.

Moreover, selection of a platform partner should be based on local knowledge, something that Maimon has emphasised as key to Aspire’s success.

“The platform we have
is certified in more than
25 countries

“There are two possible paths that operators can take today – one is the easy option,
which includes a platform licensed by Curaçao that they can use in different jurisdictions,” he said.

“If they want to speed up market entry, operators can’t do it by themselves, on their own platform. So, in some markets, they are looking for a third-party platform provider, and this is exactly our strategy. 

“The platform we have is certified in more than 25 countries and that is one of the reasons for our leading position,” he added.

Maimon discussed a range of opportunities in different markets, with Latin America in particular representing a major opportunity for large global operators, describing the region as one whose gaming story is “just beginning”. 

“At present, we are working hard in Brazil, we have very good plans for the country – it will become the next regulated market in the region in South America,” he said.

“We have a great position in Latin America and in other markets. Currently 90 per cent of Aspire Global’s revenue comes from Europe, so you can imagine the potential that exists outside of that continent for the company,” he said.

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