Yggdrasil has announced that US-based development studio Reel Life Games has become the latest addition to the group’s burgeoning YG Masters program.

As a result of the collaboration, Reel Life Games, which will be able to create and distribute gaming content using Yggdrasil’s GATI technology, is striving to swiftly launch content and grow its business and reach on a global scale.

“We are incredibly pleased to partner with Yggdrasil to launch our forthcoming titles. The YG Masters program and their established GATI technology will help us focus on creating great games while we scale our business through their amazing distribution network and attractive promotions,” stated Andy Kniaz, CEO of Reel Life Games.

“We are a company looking to rapidly enter new markets and Yggdrasil offers us industry-leading support and an accelerated timeline for growth. We couldn’t be happier to join the program.”

GATI, or Game Adaptation Tools & Interface, is a preconfigured, regulation-ready development toolkit that enables studios and game developers to apply standardised technology to develop and distribute titles worldwide.

YG Masters studios enjoy access to this, as well as the Yggdrasil network of operating partners in numerous regulated igaming markets. As a result, partners, including Reel Life Games, can build and distribute games globally to maximise revenue in close collaboration with Yggdrasil. 

Stuart McCarthy, head of partner programs at Yggdrasil, added: “Reel Life Games has a vision that matches our own – to create games that people love to play. This makes them the ideal partner and we are excited about them joining the YG Masters program and using GATI to take their business to new heights.

“We pride ourselves on partnering with global studios with local expertise such as Reel Life Games as this gives us a 360-degree perspective on player preferences. As a result, the games created via YG Masters appeal to a wide demographic of international players.”