With more and more operators joining the online casino market on a near-daily basis, it’s now more important than ever for gambling companies to ensure that they are delivering a smooth and fun gaming experience. 

The way in which Casitabi plans to stand out from the crowd is by delivering a “unique RPG-style gaming experience” for its players through a variety of slot games, its highly graphic website and 128-bit SSL encryption.

What is RPG-Style gaming? 

RPG-Style Gaming, or role-play games, is often associated with games that have an in-built adventure storyline. In most cases, bettors can sign up as a character, or create their own to compete in, and potentially win, various quests. As the player progresses through the levels, they win rewards. 

So how is Casitabi ‘keeping things interesting’ for its players? Firstly, the online casino explained that through the continual addition of new quests and characters, it aims to deliver a fresh gaming experience for bettors who want to take a virtual casino trip (カジ旅). 

A spokesperson for Casitabi said: “As soon as you open up the website, you’re greeted by several high-quality anime graphics which is in keeping with the rest of the website. The whole website is designed to be exciting and fun and you can see this immediately – with a range of characters pictured on the front page, all of whom players can choose to play with once they’ve signed up.”

What else is on offer? 

In addition to RPG-style gaming, Casitabi prides itself on offering a range of slot games – with titles including Pearls of India and Mega Moolah. The online casino explained that it decided to make a number of video slots available to its players, a decision which it believes helps “keep things as exciting as possible”.

Aiming to meet the needs of as many players as possible, Casitabi noted that its range of table games – including roulette and Baccarat – helps ensure that as many players as possible can enjoy their experience.

Customer service and security

Engaging games do form a large part of the overall player experience, however the provision of a streamlined customer service alongside player security is key to retaining bettors.

Casitabi pointed towards its customer service which offers players a live chat function and online contact form – something which it highlighted is “known for its quick and helpful replies” –  giving bettors the means to contact the online casino if any issues do arise. 

Alleviating players’ concerns over security breaches, the spokesperson pinpointed the platform’s 128-bit SSL encryption as a key feature in making sure that bettors feel secure when gambling. 

The encryption, the spokesperson disclosed, means that when a player enters text on the website, it is scrambled immediately, thereby keeping personal details safe.