In the second part of a player retention mini series, Anna Loiko, product owner at SoftSwiss, takes a look at the more advanced tools available on the SoftSwiss online casino platform and how these can help keep players coming back. 

Every platform has its own set of tools on how to engage and retain players. However, I wanted to shine a light on the more advanced type of these features available on the SoftSwiss platform – such as segmentation including groups and filters, as well as retention emails – and how these can help keep your players in the game.

Starting with groups, the first question you might have is ‘what are these?’. They can be used to create multiple categories that will be assigned to users upon completion of a certain event (registration, bet, deposit, etc) in accordance with the applicable filters. The filters can then provide the conditions of which will be applied to the group. 

Filters form a more personal approach and tend to help to generate and increase loyalty to the casino brand. It’s an amazing tool that allows you to navigate through your player base. There are five reasons for this:

In general, filters allow to create a segmentation of players on various metrics, including one of the most popular types segmentation by the amount of their deposits, withdrawals, and the frequency of the game.

Players can be segmented by the number of total deposits deposits/withdrawals to offer them the corresponding bonuses. For example, if a player has made a lot of funds, but almost did not withdraw, you can offer free bonuses or cashbacks to increase their motivation as well as loyalty to the brand.

Secondly, by using filters, you can segment players who have not entered the casino for a couple of days and send them a so-called “retention letter”, potentially reactivate them, as well as send them personalised bonus offers. 

A great example here may be the welcome letters, when the player has just created an account, and they’re greeted with a bonus offer for one deposit. If then they suddenly disappear, a reminder of the standard 2nd deposit will be sent and so on. 

The third reason as to why filters can help drive both engagement and retention is that there is also an option of special filtering on the SoftSwiss online casino platform. What’s special filtering, you ask? 

Special filtering allows you to track players by country and, together with statistics on the popularity of games for specific regions, offer them bonuses for the most popular games in their country. This, we believe, can help deliver a more personalised player experience.

Reason number four relates to bonuses. By using filters, you can set up groups for automatic bonuses under certain specific conditions. For example, if the player did not make deposits and bets for several days – they will receive a letter with a bonus offer, or just free spins bonuses get delivered to their account. 

So filters allow for additional customisation of the overall process of player retention within online casino brands. This can also be done to send out special birthday bonuses – you can filter by date of birth and send birthday gifts, which players especially love!

Speaking of VIP clients, that brings us on to reason number five – filters enable you to segment VIP players (the number of deposits, the amount of losses, how long has he been playing in the casino) therefore providing even deeper personalisation and customised approach to the players. 

As a result, players feel an increasing sense of loyalty towards a particular casino brand, thereby encouraging them to stay in the game. 

Filters aren’t the only way to keep players coming back though. Retention emails can be a key method for online casino brands looking to follow up on a  player’s action – or in some cases, in action. 

These emails enable you to set up automatic email messages triggered by a player’s activity in order to follow-up and attract their attention. For example, if a player has not deposited for a while, you may set up an email type that will fire automatically after a certain period of time with a kind reminder.

This brings us onto “chains of letters”. For example, if the player does not enter the account for a few days, they will receive additional free spins as a kind gesture. If they still don’t come back to the game they may be offered a new good bonus or a feedback form to find out if something went wrong and the casino brand can improve it. 

By using the SoftSwiss online casino platform, clients can also set up tournaments or lotteries for a specific segment of players, for example, for high rollers, and position such tournaments as “invitation only”, which already gives the players the impression of a VIP approach and their value from the casino side.

There were even cases of reactivation of players who have not logged in for more than a year – this is also configurable in filters and offers.