Strengthening its lottery portfolio even further, TVBet-  a live games provider with live streaming at the core of its content – has launched Mega6 Lottery.

Originally developed by HollywoodTV, TVBet has collaborated with the supplier to exchange and supplement each other’s portfolios so that their partners have even more opportunities and an increased influx of bets.

During the game, 49 numbered balls – which are painted in two different colours – are dropped into the lottery drum. In the process of mixing, six numbered balls are randomly selected into the resulting tube. The presenter then announces the numbers and colours.

TVBet explained that this format of game “creates an extensive betting line”, with markets including the numbers drawn, favourites, main, colors of numbers drawn and overall total

Bettors can also wager on current and upcoming games. Equally, multiple bets on different games can be placed in combination with Mega6 and other TVBet games offered by the bookmaker to get increased odds.

The live games provider said: “Players love lotteries for the simplicity of the rules, the choice, and the frequent rounds. Mega6 is also broadcast online around the clock, which makes it even more attractive.

“This  is a kind of lottery which is characterised by easy-to-understand rules and a variety of betting options.”

The provider highlighted that each game can have “up to three jackpots”, which it believes will help drive fan engagement, as well as a suite of promotional tools. 

“Mega6 is a fresh lottery that expects to be among the most popular and involving TVBet live games,” added TVBet. “The game attracts attention with its simplicity, stunning design, and wide betting line.”