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Bohdan Temnyk, head of affiliates at TruePartners, discusses choosing to work with Affilka – an affiliate management software platform developed by Softswiss.

All casino brands operating under the affiliate program now utilise Affilka, including, and, as well as the group’s new brand Lucky Nova.

CasinoBeats: Firstly, could you please tell us a little bit about the flagship brand and your affiliate marketing program? 

Bohdan Temnyk: The True Flip casino offers a variety of games that are available for instant play on multiple devices. The clean interface of the platform gives off a theme park vibe, and it is really easy to navigate through. 

The category selections sort the games, while the search bar lets you find any game you would like to play. The intuitive interface is packed with extensive selections of games, rewarding bonuses, and the ability to use cryptocurrencies as a payment method. 

True Flip offers over 2000 online casino games, and new games are added each month! The casino offers dice games, video poker, jackpot slots, video slots, classic table games, card games, live casinos, and much more. The slots include a variety of themes: oriental, space, Irish, fairy, Egyptian, and many others.

True Flip offers a great bonus program with additional perks to make players feel appreciated while simultaneously enhancing their possibility to win. The casino has a variety of payment methods to choose from, all fast and easy.

Our Affiliate program is named TruePartners. We offer only top converting brands in a broad GEO spread. Generous bonuses, memorable design, and a player-centric retention system –  that makes promoting our brands easy and enjoyable. The program features four large casino brands.

CB: You started partnering with Affilka just under a year ago. How did this collaboration come about?

BT: We loved the experience of a fruitful and very productive partnership with Affilka. Today’s market is full of companies that make big promises, but do not always fulfill them. Affilka is a team of highly professional workers who know exactly what they are doing. We were always provided with constant support, all our questions were answered at any time. 

This cooperation allows us to build a really good product. We will be happy to continue working with Affilka, and strongly recommend this company to anyone willing to receive high-performance marketing tools.

CB: Before collaborating with Affilka, True Flip worked on another affiliate marketing platform. Why did you make this decision and what attracted you to Affilka that you lacked before?

BT: First of all we were satisfied with Affilka’s payments module. It saves us a lot of time and the auto payment option helps us to settle payments much faster than before. Affilka’s settings were especially useful for working with multiple brands within a single affiliate program. Not all affiliate platforms offer this option. When all the information is collected in one place, it makes it much easier to manage and analyse your activities.

CB: One of the main advantages of Affilka is its flexible commission constructor. What would you say about this?

BT: The commission constructor in Affilka is one of the best I’ve seen so far. You can build cascade commission plans for your affiliates and exclude users from GEOs which you don’t target. Also, if you ever had an issue with paying commission for a multi-account, Affilka will solve it. One of my favourite features is the way you can update a partner’s commission plan without changing their link. Affilka’s commission constructor has many more features to use, so you’ll probably find the best feature for yourself. 

CB: Affilka allows you to export reports and track detailed statistics regarding your affiliate programme. How useful is this feature to you and how do you use this information in your work?

BT: Report export feature gives us the ability to access a wide range of information, stored in the Affilka. The information obtained from the exported reports allow us to analyse user’s actions more deeply, build predictive models, find fraudulent traffic and make the necessary internal calculations for our company. Also, reports help us to have a clear picture of relationships with our partners, see the results of cooperation with them, and make our company more effective.

CB: The TruePartners affiliate program now features four of your online casino brands. How convenient is it to run so many projects on one affiliate platform?

BT: As Affilka has flexible reports I’m able to sort each brand separately, so I don’t face any issues dealing with four brands within one platform. Affilka builds bills separately for each brand; negative revenue of one brand won’t affect other brands, so you won’t have any issues with brand bundling.

CB: Could you share any figures, statistics or achievements during your cooperation with Affilka? 

BT: During cooperation with Affilka, our 1st brand got two awards. First is the AskGamblers award. We won The Best Casino 2020 nomination. Second one is the SiGMA Award. We got The Best Crypto Casino 2021 title. 

CB: And finally, what are your hopes for your collaboration with Affilka in the coming future?

BT: As we’re growing day by day and Affilka adds new features and upgrades twice per month, we’ll continue our cooperation and four brands within one platform won’t be our limit. For one I can tell it became much easier to manage affiliates with the Affilka software. 

We don’t spend time on invoices – Affilka does it for us. We don’t spend time sending new links to affiliates, we just update existing ones. So I hope that Affilka will save us much more time in the future.