Casino Guru has lauded the growth of its forum following its conception 20 months ago, noting that it “distinguished itself from competition right from the start” through its automatic translation into discussions implementation. 

Launched in April 2020, Casino Guru Forum’s feature allows users to communicate regardless of their language of origin, with the company highlighting it “breaks the language barrier” and “brings together casino enthusiasts from all over the world”.

Ever since the launch, Guru noted that the forum has been “growing rapidly” month-over-month in terms of activity and newly registered users, as well as reaching a number of milestones.

Daniel Dolejsi, Casino Guru’s social media and community lead, shared the forum’s most recent usage statistics: “November has been our best month ever in terms of forum activity, with 1,473 new posts from 287 unique users. 

“Over the month, there have been 4,412 new user registrations, while 2,406 users logged in at least twice. All of these statistics have either evened out or surpassed our previous records.

“I am really happy with our progress. In less than two years since launch, our forum has surpassed the majority of other popular gambling forums in usage statistics, and Casino Guru is home to a lively international discussion about anything related to gambling. 

“Considering that we are comparing our numbers to forums that have been around for at least 10 years longer, it feels like a great accomplishment.”

Looking ahead, Dolejsi emphasised Casino Guru is “always working on new features and improves” and believes the activity on its forum will continue to increase and that its users will “keep happily coming back” to its platform community to “discuss anything related to gambling or look for help, should they need it”.