Cordelia Morgan-Cooper, KaFe Rocks: a happy workforce is an effective workforce

Maintaining that balance between work and personal life can often seem quite difficult, KaFe Rocks’ head of people Cordelia Morgan-Cooper told CasinoBeats, leading the firm to launch a package of measures to offer remote working freedom and flexible schedules for its employees.

Morgan-Cooper walked us through KaFe Rocks’ unlimited paid leave policy, which she believes will offer additional freedoms while also promoting trust among the wider workforce.

“So KaFe Rocks Group has recently launched an unlimited vacation and mental health package of 24/7 support, both on the mental health side, but also on the emotional support side,” she began.

“And then in addition to maternity paternity, and then other leave, including bereavement and domestic abuse leave as well.

“Employee wellbeing is really at the centre of our business; a happy workforce is a more effective workforce. At KaFe Rocks we want to be able to encourage people to have a really productive and a really healthy work life balance. 

“By giving people more opportunities to be able to spend time with family and friends, it will mean that people will be more engaged, and hopefully working more effectively when they actually are at work.”

While many of us have been encouraged to work from home throughout the pandemic, KaFe Rocks – and its Time2Play brand – have always operated as a “remote first” business. So for the last two years, it’s been a case of “business as usual”.

However with the availability of unlimited leave and flexible work schedules, the head of people said, the igaming affiliate can offer the support that its employees need on those days when they may be affected by mental health. 

Cordelia-Morgan added: “When we first started to look at our benefits back in September, we analysed the ways that we could support people all over the world. We started to look at previous employee surveys, and then we also sent out a company-wide survey of what benefits we have now and what benefits would people like. 

“What we started to see was really a couple of themes around not necessarily vacation and not necessarily mental health, but around ideas around added support. People wanted to feel more supported with a work life balance. 

“So after having done the research, we spoke to a couple of businesses. We have since partnered with the Richmond foundation in Malta, which will be offering two levels of support. So of course, mental health support for people who are reaching a crossroads in their life, and for those that potentially need medical attention.

“But then the one that I think is so great is the emotional support. This is for anybody who feels that they need to have somebody to talk to. Maybe they’re not getting on so well with their partner at home, maybe they’re facing some kind of challenges.

“It’s there for when you need somebody to speak to and maybe make sense of your thoughts. We’re offering that 24/7 to all of our employees, all of our workforce at any time.”

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