BETER ‘morally unable’ to continue Russian business cooperation

Due to the ongoing status of the war, BETER has stated it is terminating cooperation with all Russian-based business partners.

Due to the ongoing status of the war between Ukraine and Russia, BETER has stated it is terminating cooperation with all Russian-based business partners. 

Showing solidarity with Ukraine, BETER has cited that its senior management and global community are “morally unable” to continue participating in business ventures with a country that “is an aggressor nation” for many of its partners and stakeholders. 

“With the present situation we consider ourselves unable to continue doing business with a country that has affected the lives of so many of our BETER partners and stakeholders based in Ukraine,” explained Gal Ehrlich, CEO at BETER. “This is the reason why no one can remain indifferent.

“We are deeply concerned about the war that was started in Ukraine by Russia, that is why termination of all our operations in Russia with both operators and suppliers is a must. 

“We stand with Ukraine in these troubled times. But still we see the potential of the Ukrainian market and hope soon to reopen our studios in several cities of Ukraine.”

Following the announcement, BETER will cease all business activities with its operator partners in the country, as well as give notice on all cooperation with suppliers based in Russia.

Given the temporary closure of operations of tournament organisers Setka Cup and ESportsBattle in Ukraine, BETER will continue to stream its services from its multiple locations situated across the EU.

The provider is also currently preparing plans to further boost its content in the coming weeks by scaling up its Europe-based operations in response to the crisis.