Strive Gaming scales personalised CRM marketing via Optimove link-up

Partnership concept
Image: Shutterstock

Strive Gaming, US and Canadian focused igaming platform, has teamed up with Optimove in a partnership that sees the operator scale its realtime personalised CRM marketing.

The integration with Optimove will enhance the platform’s operators’ ability to react to individual players’ actions in real time by tailoring messages and offers across multiple channels.

“We’re delighted to partner up with Optimove to enhance our operators’ realtime marketing capabilities,” explained Max Meltzer, CEO of Strive Gaming.

“We believe in platform first, where customers smartly choose their platform first, embedding across multiple verticals the best possible content and tools in order to maximise customer acquisition and long-term retention. 

“In Optimove, we found a similar mindset that we loved: a focus on delivery of highly personalised customer marketing messages to individual customers, at the moment of greatest relevance. 

“Optimove’s realtime capabilities, coupled with our own realtime capabilities such as the Infinity Rules Engine, will allow our operators to fuel continuous growth by ensuring each player gets maximum value from every interaction, thus improving customer lifetime value and the overall bottom line.”

The platform has put in place a myriad of capabilities to enhance its operators’ ability to communicate with their customers, adhere to state-by-state regulations, and offer a unique gaming experience across all channels and integrated products. 

Beyond the realtime marketing benefits of this integration, operators using the Strive Gaming platform will also gain several additional key capabilities via Optimove, such as multichannel personalisation and orchestration.

Erik Holt, VP of Partnership Development at Optimove, added: “We’re excited to get the nod from Strive Gaming as the CRM marketing solution of choice for their operator portfolio. 

“In a highly competitive market such as igaming, a customer-centric approach powered by AI-led CRM journeys creates a competitive edge for operators. It is the only way to orchestrate hyper-personalised communications with hundreds of segments, thereby improving retention rates, customer lifetime value, and the overall bottom line. 

“We are confident that Optimove’s vast capabilities will play a major part in Strive Gaming’s rapid growth in the burgeoning US market.”