Spelinspektionen quizzes Swedes regarding online gambling habits

The Spelinspektionen has conducted a survey of 4,400 Swedes regarding their online gambling habits, which was all centred around how often nationals play on any online gaming site where you can win money.

This highlights that almost one in three wagers once a quarter, with one in four (26 per cent) doing so once a month or more often and 25 per cent utilising the space each week.

It is reported that the prime reason for choosing licensed entities is safety, security and control (55 per cent), followed by official actors perceived as serious (53 per cent) as well as the fact that they are controlled by Swedish authorities (40 per cent). 

However, the most important reason for playing on sites without a licence is bonus offers (32 per cent), followed by being blocked on Spelpaus (26 per cent) and enhanced odds and winning opportunities (25 per cent). 

A large majority (77 per cent) said that they would refrain from playing on a site if they knew it did not have a Swedish gaming licence.

Eight per cent report that they have played on a site without a licence, with six per cent stating that this was intentional versus two per cent that voiced the opposite.

Upon being quizzed on how they found unlicensed sites, a tip from another player (36 per cent), internet searches (35 per cent) and advertising (27 per cent) were those highly cited.

For most types of games, at least 50 per cent were said to play exclusively or mostly on sites with a licence, with poker (43 per cent) proving to be the exception.

Most (85 per cent) know Spelpaus and every tenth player (9 per cent) has used the site. However, 17 per cent report that they have experienced that they have had problems with their gambling in the past year, and 13 percent have been criticised for their gambling.

A total of 10,994 were invited to participate in the survey, of which 4,408 responded. The Spelinspeltionen warns that several of the questions have few answers, which means that some results should be interpreted with caution.

The questions about games on sites that do not have a Swedish gaming licence were reportedly answered by around 80 individuals.