Emma Hakobyan: simplicity is at the heart of Pascal Gaming

Simple, yet exceptional. Three words that Emma Hakobyan, Business Development Executive at Pascal Gaming, placed at the heart of the company’s game development process. 

Speaking at SBC Summit Barcelona, Hakobyan shed some light on Pascal Gaming’s portfolio of classical games and the features that help keep players on their toes – both in the online and offline spaces. 

“So a lot of our games are simple. We have a slogan of classical games that are simple but exceptional,” she began.

“Our games are very easy to play and easy for bettors to understand too. That is something that we think is really important. We also feature very colourful, vivid animations that are eye catching for our players. 

“At Pascal Gaming, we are creating games for online platforms. There is a large number of players which prefer to bet online; but let’s not forget about those that prefer offline solutions, those that enjoy visiting a betting shop and playing on terminals. 

“Our Gravity Solution basically transfers that online gaming experience to the offline space. Now, players can play Pascal games in their local betting shops.”

Something that was highlighted as an integral feature of Pascal’s portfolio was the provable fairness across its games. 

Hakobyan added: “Provable fairness is one of the most important features of our games. What provable means is that you receive a hash code five steps forward. Once you then receive a result, you can compare that hash code and see that your result was random. 

“It isn’t determined by your stake, your game style or your betting history. It’s completely random. So this, we believe, shows that our games are very trustworthy. 

“We deploy provable fairness across our bet-on games, our table games, our arcade games too. We also have them on our offline solutions.”

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