“We believe in the combination of great people and great technology,” began Magnus Hakansson, CEO of Commetric, in stressing a belief that this unity is crucial to delivering maximised results for the group.

Commetric provides media analytics solutions that help communication and marketing professionals monitor and analyse conversations and content on social and conventional media. 

To do so, the company combines machine learning and expert human insight to enable clients across sectors to realise the full potential of communications strategies.

“We invest in AI and machine learning to enable us to analyse more data, work more efficiently, at greater speed, with greater accuracy, and combine this with the power of trained and motivated people who are experts in analysing the media in multiple languages,” Hakansson added. “This enables us to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.”

A client list that boasts the likes of Coca-Cola, HSBC, Samsung and Google has recently gained the addition of industry PR and marketing firm GameOn, which, among other things, is charged with ensuring igaming companies are better placed to better understand and quantify their image and reputation.

“When a company is entering a new market, it needs to analyse the media landscape so as to better understand the main topics, issues and messages”

Elaborating on the technology utilised by the group, as well as going into additional information on the company’s collaborative intelligence approach, Hakansson explained:

“Our media analysis technology is developed in-house and is based on the most recent advances in natural language processing and natural language understanding,” he said.

“The value of NLU, the part of NLP that deals with computers’ ability to comprehend the structure and meaning of human language, to our business, lies in its application to automated reasoning, machine translation, news-gathering, text categorisation, and large-scale content analysis. In a nutshell, this allows us to perform a granular analysis of textual data faster and more effectively.

“The concept of ‘collaborative intelligence’ means that our unique value proposition results from the synergistic interplay of three components: human expertise (media analysts); proprietary AI-enabled technology; and strong client focus for high customisation and smooth integration of the service into the client’s processes.”

Subsequently, CasinoBeats quizzed the Commetric CEO on how the firm’s analysis can benefit those companies that are looking to make headway into a fresh jurisdiction.

Subsequently, Hakansson pointed to the “ disproportionate impact” that he suggested the media can have on an organisation’s reputation, with this spreading across numerous industries.

“Commetric’s thematic media analysis enables companies to understand the topics driving coverage”

This, it is added, is “the primary shaper of public knowledge and opinion,” especially in those cases when the public may not necessarily have direct knowledge or experience of specific organisations or the issues surrounding them.

“When a company is entering a new market, it needs to analyse the media landscape so as to better understand the main topics, issues and messages disseminated by the media in relation to the company’s industry, operations, or competitors,” he explained 

“Commetric’s thematic media analysis enables companies to understand the topics driving coverage and their visibility and sentiment across competitors and markets so as to develop an effective messaging strategy.

“Upon implementation of the company’s media and messaging strategy, Commetric provides granular insights into the pickup and penetration of its strategic messages and their visibility across markets and media formats, which provides key inputs to measuring the effectiveness of the company’s positioning strategy. 

“In order to help companies formulate an efficient outreach strategy, we analyse key stakeholders’ roles, their media visibility and favourability towards issues or the company/its competitors. 

“Last but not least, we deep-dive into competitors’ ownership or standing on a set of topics to identify media white space for the company’s strategic positioning.”

To conclude, Hakansson cited short and medium-term objectives of scaling AI and machine learning capabilities, and using them to innovate current products and services or come up with entirely new offerings.