Ahead of ICE London, ELA Games walks us through the key trends that we’re seeing across the betting and gaming industry, before telling us about what the future holds for the casino sector.

ELA Games and its team of entertainment enthusiasts have come together with the mantra of building games created for players, by players. With this we see visually stunning graphics combined with captivating gameplay to produce seamless user experiences. 

The studio’s mission statement also emphasises the fact that we develop games that we believe will truly impact players in the best way possible. We release high-quality games that stand out through their immersive gameplay, super unique designs and top notch features.

Inclusive of user experience, a priority of ours is to create a safe gaming journey for players. That’s why ELA Games is GLI-certified and we have ISO 27001-compliance for our information security systems. 

A portfolio that elevates player experience

The ELA Games team has an unmatched passion for game creation which is at the core of every new release. This drives us to come up with not only super popular titles, but games that provide completely new and engaging experiences for players. 

Our games have very diverse features, out-of-this-world graphics, as well as lots of vibrant animation and characters that are original to each game. It is easy to see the passion of our team within each development.

We have a business model that allows for both innovation as well as cooperation with like-minded gaming aficionados. An example of our innovative projects can be seen within our live HD user operated claw machines which we have aptly named “Bonus Crab” and “Cash Crab”. These give players the ability to control a claw to fish out the prize which operators can decide on, whether it be Free Spins in a particular game, a bonus or even a prize along the players’ journey.

Another noteworthy example is our recent collaborative project with Spinomenal which formed our ‘Powered By’ series of games. This has seen the development and launch of 4 unique games, with a further 6 on the roadmap. This set in motion a revolutionary project that took game development to the next level as, through Spinominal’s White Label game studio product, ELA Games was able to create a range of games featuring a variety of uniquely-creative elements.

The importance of accessibility

With the continuously expanding reach of player behaviours, it is important for companies such as ELA Games to have a focus on user experience. The industry has long had a mobile-first approach so it is pivotal to not only develop games that have multiple platform functionality, but also keep up with the pace of playing trends and technological advances that can influence how and where users want their entertainment.

Accessibility across multiple devices is extremely important when it comes to playing casino games because it provides a seamless and convenient gaming experience to players. They can enjoy gaming on the go, anytime and anywhere, without having to be restricted to a single device. 

This in turn, often leads to elevated player engagement and satisfaction, which ultimately results in increased business for the casino. Additionally, having a user-friendly and accessible platform that is compatible with multiple devices can also help attract new players and retain existing ones.

The platform must also be optimised for slow internet speeds as through this, casinos can ensure that players in regions which have a slow internet connection can still have a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience..

Revolutionising casinos

The invention of online casinos and sportsbooks has changed the industry completely. So much so that in recent years, engaging in interactive gambling activities has become a popular pastime of millions of people around the world, who sign into their online casino accounts to play their favourite casino games. In fact, it’s safe to say that many younger gamblers haven’t (or haven’t frequently) experienced the magic of real-life casinos and the original slot machine experience that initially captured players’ imagination. 

Our goal is to create games that give the same level of excitement that originally captivated players when they played live games in brick-and-mortar casinos, as well as the fun arcade games, all while also being accessible on every device and OS.

This can be seen in a number of our releases, particularly “Plinko”. Our team also revitalised this 80s fan-favourite, bringing it to the online sphere. This classic game now has a unique twist as the chip was replaced with a ball that drops, that decides on the win multiplier. 

What the future holds

As the industry continues to grow and change, so will ELA Games. While our team has a unique inclination towards bringing back the nostalgic feel of the original casino games, we also have the capacity to adapt to current industry trends. 

Our team has a wealth of knowledge in games, spanning over 10 years and it is through this that we can draw our understanding of top industry titles, to create even more innovative games.

ELA Games has many plans in the works. There are several new, big titles and features on the horizon, all of which will cater towards an array of player demographics. While we have released 12 games, we have committed to launching at least 4 games per quarter, including “Wild Bandidos” and “Viking Rush.” and many more.

Stay tuned for more information and updates from ELA Games.