Nevada gaming operators continue $1bn monthly revenue streak in April

Las Vegas Strip
Image: randy andy/Shutterstock

Nevada gaming operators continued their monthly revenue streak in April with their 26th consecutive month of surpassing $1bn in revenue.

The Silver State’s regulator, the Nevada Gaming Control Board, declared a total gaming revenue from the state’s casinos and operators of $1.16bn for the month, a 2.67 per cent increase on the same period last year (April 2022: $1.13bn).

Casino operations on the Las Vegas Strip improved year-over-year as well, growing by 5.27 per cent to $624.7m (2022: $593.5m).

Per segment, slot machines revenue in April grew YoY, while table, counter and card games income slightly decreased.

Slots revenue rose by 4.22 per cent YoY to $836.4m (2022: $804.1m), with the top slot being Mutli Denomination which increased in revenue by 16.93 per cent to $463.7m (2022: $397.4m).

However, several slot machines saw their revenues fall compared to the previous year, with 25 Dollars slots revenue dropping the most – by 78.45 per cent to $578,000 (2022: $2.68m).

One Cent slots revenue also fell by 9.55 per cent to $275.2m (2022: $304.9m) while 100 Dollars slots revenue decreased by 36.12 per cent to $1.8m (2022: $2.9m).

For table, counter and card games, blackjack was the best-performing game with $94.9m in revenue, up slightly compared to the previous year.

However, several games saw their income fall in April YoY, with Pai Gow Poker having the biggest drop, falling by 23.21 per cent to $9.8m (2022: $12.7m).

Roulette revenue also decreased by 13.12 per cent to $34.3m (2022: $39.5m), while Baccarat income declined by 14.83 per cent to $44.1m (2022: $51.8m).

Moreover, sports betting revenue in April grew YoY as well, rising by 23.46 per cent to $30.5m (2022: $25.4m).

As a result of the $1.16bn in revenue, the state collected $67.5m in taxes during April, a 3.44 per cent decrease compared to the same period last year (2022: $69.9m).