Aleksandra Andrishak, Editor in Chief, Slotsjudge

In many industries outside of gambling, customers might look towards review websites to find out what product to use or what restaurant to visit. But what application can these review sites have for gambling companies? This is where Slotsjudge comes in. 

Aleksandra Andrishak is the Editor in Chief at Slotsjudge and helps oversee the creation of new content for the website, which specialises in slot reviews and slot-related content. 

Speaking to CasinoBeats, Andrishak dives into the world of slot affiliation and the importance of impartiality when it comes to content reviews. She explains why player loyalty tools, such as SJ Points, can help build bettor engagement and fuel retention.

CasinoBeats: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! So can you begin by introducing yourself – who are you and what is your role at Slotsjudge?  

AA: I’m Aleksandra, and I work as the Editor in Chief at Slotsjudge. In my role, I oversee all of the content creation, social media, product development, public relations and marketing – I guess you could say I do quite a lot!

I’ve worked in the gambling industry for more than 10 years now. I started out as a game presenter at Evolution, and then worked my way up from there.

As a child, I was always quite a bit of an entertainer at heart. I finished art school, and after that, I went to play music with the orchestra. In Latvia, where I’m from, there is a huge tradition of entertainment – whether that’s music or dance. So you can maybe understand why I found myself in the betting industry – it has that element of fun and entertainment. 

The idea of presenting live casino games was more of an entertainment job than anything. From there, I really began to enjoy this industry, and now here I am. 

CasinoBeats: And for those that might not know, tell us about Slotsjudge. What sets you apart from the competition?

AA: You might be able to guess from our name, but we’re slot affiliates. Our main content that we make available to our audiences is largely reviews. These are rolled out via our interactive portal, so people reading can comment, play the slot themselves, upload screenshots and leave their feedback. 

We then have the SlotsJudge Club where you can exchange comments and feedback for points. Those points can then be used for real prizes.

Creating SJ Points was mainly oriented to serve the audience and make the experience on our website much more enjoyable. We also wanted to create that sense of community and keep people coming back to our site. 

We don’t want to just be one of those websites that players have a one-time experience where they never return. We want to continue creating something new, something exciting, and something players ultimately enjoy.

The points can be swapped for things such as bonuses and free spins. We do plan on expanding our offering in the near future, but I’ll keep my cards quite close to my chest on that one. What I can tell you is that we plan on allowing players to swap points for merch, some extravagant gifts – so keep your eyes peeled! 

CasinoBeats: How are you elevating the overall experience for online casino players and removing the burden of finding enjoyable content? 

AA: So we do have sections where everybody can check out the newest and most popular games, and the ratings in each of these sections are only top notch. We remain as impartial as we possibly can – so if something is rated very highly, it is a top product,

In the reviews, we then suggest other games that we think that player may enjoy so they can find even more engaging content. 

CasinoBeats: At Slotsjudge, how do you ensure that your reviews of casino and slot brands remain as impartial, yet informative, as possible?

AA: So we have demos on our website, which eases up the overall player experience. Bettors don’t have to make an initial deposit without first being able to trial the game for themselves. They can make a few spins, test out the slot title, and then decide whether they want to play. 

These demos also mean that players can leave their own reviews on the website too, meaning the feedback is as impartial as possible.

We also don’t ask for any money from providers. We do run a classic affiliate monetisation model, which comes from casinos. But everything that we do for slot providers isn’t chargeable, at least for now. That could change based on our growth trajectory but that’s not in the pipeline for yet. 

Everything we publish is editorial. We choose how we rate slots, which games to promote on social and via email distribution – and this is simply done by what we enjoy the most from these games.

CasinoBeats: In your view, are we at a point of oversaturation in terms of casino games and slots? Or is there always room for more game content?

AA: This is a tough one because it entirely depends on how each individual player views the industry. Some players, not all but a significant amount, seek out novelty. They look for new ways to seek enjoyment and believe that there is always room for something new. 

Then there is the other player type who finds a favourite type of game and is happy playing that over and over again. They enjoy the familiarity, they know what they like and they’re happy to stick with that.

For us as affiliates, it’s amazing to see so many new games being released. I personally really enjoy being able to play these games, test them out and find new content that I can then enjoy. If we fall in love with a particular type of game, it doesn’t feel like we’re working because it’s a form of entertainment too.