AGA: US commercial gaming revenue continues annual growth in May

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The American Gaming Association has stated that US commercial gaming revenue has continued to grow in May, with the market achieving its 27th consecutive month of annual growth.

According to the AGA’s Commercial Gaming Revenue Tracker, the industry generated $5.49bn in GGR in May, up 6.4 per cent year-over-year. The month’s figures were also a slight improvement on April’s $5.41bn.

Year-to-date, as of the end of May, the industry’s GGR stood at $27.59bn, a 12.4 per cent increase compared to the same period last year.

However, while overall growth is still occurring in the US against previous year comparisons, the association has reported that individual state markets have “begun to diverge” as annual comparisons are no longer being impacted by the COVID pandemic.

Revenue from land-based gaming was down slightly compared to the previous year, falling by 0.6 per cent YoY. 

On the flip side, online gaming continues to benefit from ongoing expansion across the country, rising by 43.4 per cent following the introduction of online sports betting in Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts and Ohio and the continued growth of igaming.

Taking a look at the state level, 24 out of the 33 markets that were operational a year ago declared annual revenue improvements in May, with only Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, Missouri, Nevada and Oregon reporting declines.

The AGA noted that most of the states listed above were impacted by slowdowns in traditional casino, while Delaware, Mississippi and Oregon had lower sports betting revenue compared to the previous year.

Per gaming vertical, table games were the only vertical to have a decrease in YoY GGR, falling by 4.8 per cent to $834.3m. Slots generated the most GGR with $2.98bn, up 1.3 per cent YoY, followed by sports betting with $864.1m, a 41.5 per cent increase, and igaming with $498.4m, a 22.4 per cent improvement.

In May 2023, 28 US markets offered sports betting (Arizona figures not included) compared to 26 jurisdictions in 2022. 24 online sports betting markets are now live including four new markets opening in the past year – Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts and Ohio.

In terms of igaming revenue, all six operating states – Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia – declared an improvement in GGR compared to the previous year.

YTD, combined slots and table games revenue currently stands at $20.5bn, up by 4.1 per cent, with 19 out of 25 states that offered such gaming in 2022 declaring growth compared to the previous year.

Sports betting GGR YTD stands at $4.58bn, a 64.9 per cent increase YoY. Meanwhile, igaming GGR YTD is currently $2.48bn, a 22.3 per cent improvement.