Andrzej Hyla, Chief Commercial Officer at Wazdan walks us through the development of its new, eco-friendly games and how they are enabling Wazdan’s operator partners to attract more players.

At Wazdan, we are committed to leading the way in casino game development innovation. Our slots have seen incredible success thus far, with a myriad of engagement-boosting features that continue to excite and thrill players across the world. 

In today’s igaming world, more and more players are seeking perfection in simple design and gameplay without unnecessary distractions. To meet their expectations, we strive to create games that are tailored to the modern needs of our customers, while providing them with unique solutions and the highest quality entertainment in every corner of the world.

Extremely Light collection 

With that in mind, we’re gearing up for the launch of our new Extremely Light collection. This revamped range of player-favourite games features lighter, faster and much more accessible versions when compared to their full-size counterparts, without compromising on quality or mechanics.

That’s why we’re more than happy to finally shed some light on our brand-new Extremely Light slots, our intentions behind these titles and how they were produced, as we release new versions of some of our top games for the first time this year, including 9 Coins, Burning Sun and Hot Slot: 777 Cash Out.

A first for the igaming industry

We’re doing something unprecedented with our new Extremely Light edition. Our team has been hard at work creating lighter and faster versions of our top-performing slots. The collection meets the needs of modern players by combining the slots’ unique, elegant style with audio-visual simplicity, and improved loading speeds. 

Extremely Light titles feature a more lightweight design, which allows for an optimal gaming experience on mobile. Players can now easily access these games on their smartphones or tablets without consuming excessive data or draining their batteries, making them considerably more accessible no matter where they are. 

During the design process, we came up with an idea to reach out to even more players, allowing those with limited gameplay abilities to enjoy our best titles. We’re also following our mobile-first design philosophy whilst doing so, as the majority of players now choose to play on smaller screens. By reducing the game’s technical requirements, we’re opening up opportunities for casino operators to target markets with lower-end devices or weaker internet infrastructures. 

Games created for the players

With the launch of our Extremely Light titles, Wazdan is setting a precedent for igaming development by focusing on and emphasising the needs of players. Not only are we honing in on those with slower internet connections or less advanced devices, but we’re also catering to those who may prefer a simpler interface whilst still enjoying all of our innovative features. 

We haven’t compromised on any game by creating Extremely Light versions. 

These titles all retain our best math models and mechanics, appealing to players seeking perfection, including both more seasoned players and newcomers. In a world overloaded with colourful adverts, aggressive games and loud sounds, our games provide a break from the sensory bombardment and allow players to focus on the game itself in a simple, elegant style. 

As well as catering for those with limited internet connectivity, these new versions are an excellent solution for players who want to enjoy our games whilst travelling. They’re also fantastic options for people who are more concerned about their carbon footprint, as our Extremely Light versions have a much smaller impact on the environment. 

Keeping eco-friendliness in mind

Our Extremely Light games load 2.5x times faster than their full-size counterparts, effectively reducing power consumption on any device and reducing the need for frequent charging. This makes Extremely Light games a perfect choice for players looking to be as energy efficient as possible.   

In addition, as our Extremely Light slots have much smaller file sizes, they require less data to be transferred between servers and players. Their environmental impact is therefore smaller than usual, putting them ahead of the pack in terms of titles from other developers. Wazdan cares deeply about the environment and this new collection is a testament to that.

What to expect from our Extremely Light collection

The first releases from our Extremely Light portfolio will be new versions of some of our top-performing slots: 9 Coins, Burning Sun, Hot Slot: 777 Cash Out, Sizzling Eggs and Hot Slot: 777 Coins.

9 Coins Extremely Light will be the first release, premiering on the 30th of August. Players will be able to re-discover and enjoy their favourite features, including Cash Infinity and the Hold the Jackpot bonus round. 

Next up is Burning Sun Extremely Light on the 7th of September, packed full of profitable Bonus symbols alongside the Sticky to Infinity feature.

Hot Slot: 777 Cash Out Extremely Light rounds out at the end of September, with its Cash Out feature and the Grand Jackpot of 1,500x a player’s bet making a reappearance. 

Sizzling Eggs Extremely Light and Hot Slot: 777 Coins Extremely Light can be expected later this year, the latter being our latest release in the Hot Slot franchise. 

With exciting bonus features, mechanics and chances to land big prizes, our Extremely Light games do not compromise on fun or surprise. 

Giving players Freedom of Choice

Despite a simplified slot design, the mechanics of our Extremely Light games remain unchanged and players can continue to enjoy their favourite features. Whether they want to enjoy the original versions, with more animation, detailed graphics and immersive world-building or a lighter version with a more minimalist style, the game’s core mechanics remain unchanged. 

One feature we’ve made sure to retain in all of our Extremely Light games is the Advanced Customisation Suite, also known as Freedom of Choice. This means that players can continue to adjust the gameplay to their particular preferences, with options such as Volatility Levels allowing for changes to the frequency and size of winnings. 

The Buy Feature remains, giving players the chance to enter bonus rounds in just two clicks, as does Ultra Fast Mode – providing three options for the speed of gameplay. Finally, there’s the Chance Level feature, upping the players’ chances of entering bonus rounds by multiplying their bets. 

Our team of passionate developers has put in countless hours of hard work and dedication to optimise each aspect of these games without compromising on the fun and excitement that players have come to expect from us. 

With the release of Extremely Light games, we’re stepping into a new era of inclusivity, where no one is left behind in the world of igaming. We’re excited to release our top-performing games in a lighter edition and look forward to opening up our innovative titles to more players than ever before!