GAMOMAT, one of the leading German online game developers, is making significant strides in demonstrating how entertainment can seamlessly align with pressing global issues. 

Writing for CasinoBeats, Dietmar Hermjohannes, Founder and Managing Director at GAMOMAT group, provides an in-depth look into the Gaming for the Climate initiative and how it encapsulates the group’s commitment to environmental responsibility. 

The fight against the climate crisis is a cause we hold close to our hearts. Our Gaming for the Climate initiative launched in December 2021. The scheme ensures a portion of GAMOMAT’s revenue raised from carefully selected games goes directly to support organisations that actively battle climate change and champion environmental conservation. It is anything but a symbolic gesture.

In our view, the igaming industry is brilliantly positioned, with its wide reach, to play a pivotal role in amplifying awareness about climate change and promoting sustainability. But before delving deeper into GAMOMAT’s various collaborations and projects, it’s essential to understand the origins and mechanics of the Gaming for the Climate initiative.  

Once it was introduced in December 2021, it meant that a portion of revenue raised from designated games was redirected towards global organisations on the frontline of the climate battle, those working tirelessly to mitigate the impacts of climate change and preserve our planet’s fragile ecosystems.

The intricate process of selecting the right organisations for partnerships is crucial. Our partnership selection process is shaped by well-defined principles, illustrating the type of organisations we’re enthusiastic about backing and the objectives we’re committed to reaching. We’ve curated a detailed checklist, setting the standard for would-be collaborators. Additionally, there is a customised evaluation framework that all organisations must meet. It’s imperative that the game’s theme and its corresponding environmental project are harmonised.

But it goes beyond funding. The initiative takes it a step further as the theme of each game resonates with a particular environmental issue. By connecting our games with environmental issues, we’re not just entertaining players; we’re also fostering awareness of the challenges our planet faces. This dual approach – of both funding and fostering awareness – strengthens the initiative’s impact, ensuring that each game becomes a catalyst for change.

One key example of collaboration within this initiative was the development of the inaugural game Book of Oasis and the global entity Healthy Seas, one that is dedicated to ridding the oceans of ghost nets and plastic debris. 

Our financial efforts have played a part in preserving over 200,000 hectares of pristine rainforest in Borneo. Additionally, we’ve been able to play a financial part in setting up fire patrol squads and initiating reforestation in devastated areas.

GAMOMAT’s newest partnership is with the wonderful African Wildlife Foundation, focusing on safeguarding lion habitats in Kenya. A portion of our revenues accrued by Lava Lions aids AWF’s mission to deliver long-term sustainability in the Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Parks.

The initiative is growing every year and it’s fun seeing all the different projects joining the cause, supporting different organisations that protect our climate and/or environment.

Looking at GAMOMAT’s broader CSR initiatives, a shining example is our ongoing support for Krisenchat (“Crisis Chat”), a Berlin-based service. Offering free psychological counselling to distressed children and youngsters, Krisenchat is a beacon of hope, and with our current year’s donation, they will be able to assist an additional 500 individuals.

GAMOMAT is also hugely committed to pursuing carbon neutrality. We have worked alongside external experts to study our carbon footprint. Based on the globally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol, we’ve outlined clear, actionable goals to counterbalance our carbon emissions.

But that’s not all. There will also shortly be another significant donation to an organisation that will be announced soon. Without giving away too much: it is also an impressive German organisation that tirelessly advocates for climate neutrality.

Our industry’s extensive reach means we’re in a privileged position to educate and influence a vast audience. By integrating environment-centric themes into our games, we can inspire gamers towards sustainable actions.

I am confident that there is a promising future for GAMOMAT’s Gaming for the Climate initiative. We’re only scratching the surface. Our allegiance to environmental sustainability is steadfast. With each passing year, we aim to introduce more games to this cause-driven initiative. This alignment will guide our path forward, ensuring that gaming is both entertaining and environmentally conscious.

GAMOMAT’s endeavours highlight the transformative power of industries when commerce and conscience converge, illustrating that the world of gaming can indeed be instrumental in shaping a sustainable future.