When Bernd Baumert moved from his role at Novomatic to become Director of Games Production & Operations at Greentube earlier this year, he joined a business with ambitious long-term plans.

We caught up with him to find out more about his new role, what he hopes to achieve in it, and why new mechanics are such an important part of Greentube’s strategy. 

CasinoBeats: How will your 12 years at Novomatic help you in this new role, particularly in shaping Greentube’s future plans? 

Bernd Baumert: These last 12 years have given me a really good understanding of the industry. What’s more, I have been partially involved with Greentube on several projects from the get-go. Because I have a long history with the company, this move doesn’t feel like a jump into cold water.

One thing that really helped me develop my skill set and keep a fresh set of eyes on proceedings was the fact that I have worked on both the land-based and online sides of the business. I have been keeping up to date with what’s new and appealing to players across the entire landscape, and I hope this knowledge will help me take Greentube to the next level.

CB: Have you identified any specific Greentube franchises that you will look to develop in the coming months?

BB: Diamond Link and Diamond Mystery are the franchises that really stand out for me and we have long-term plans to continue strengthening our portfolio with new releases for both.

We will also be introducing a host of new mechanics that will not only enhance gameplay for players, but will give us a fantastic opportunity to get an idea of what works well. Using that feedback, we will continue to develop exciting new games and mechanics that resonate with our player base. 

CB: Are you looking to formulate a long-term market-specific roadmap for Greentube that caters to player preferences in each jurisdiction?

BB: Absolutely! That is the goal that we’re all striving for. In an ideal world, we would have a long-term roadmap for each individual jurisdiction. 

We’d like to deliver dedicated content for several jurisdictions, but certain games will work for more than one market. Online slots developed by Greentube Netherlands will most certainly do well in markets with a strong land-based presence such as the UK for example, whilst bingo succeeds in markets across Latin America.

We work in an incredibly fast-paced industry in which trends emerge very quickly. This means we have to be reactive and agile to focus on new mechanics, themes, and types of games as and when they’re at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

CB: What do you see as Greentube’s biggest strength as a developer of online slot content?

BB: Our biggest strength actually lies in a few areas. First and foremost, it’s our comprehensive history. We have accomplished some incredible things over the years, such as bringing some of the most beloved land-based content into the online world, it’s mind blowing to see where we’re at. We have grown and grown, but have managed to retain that high level of quality. 

Our other strengths include our platform and the people that we have within the company. We are trying to offer the best games to our customers, be that our B2B partners or the players themselves.

CB: What is top of your agenda when it comes to goals you’re looking to achieve in your new role as Director of Games Production and Operations at Greentube? 

BB: My top goal is to help turn everything that I manage day-to-day into a well-oiled machine.

I would like to ensure that every new supplier that comes to Greentube can be operative as quickly as possible, whilst also feeling appreciated at the same time. If we can achieve this and create a strong community of game studios, then I truly believe we’ll continue to be successful going forward.