Dream Spin exploded on the scene earlier in the year, bucking the trend of simply being yet another slots supplier in a seemingly never ending wave of such entities, but representing a union of streamers that are prepared to put there significant expertise to the test.

Guided by knowledge and experience built-up through these channels, as well as a passion for bespoke content, CasinoBeats, in association with Affiliate Leaders, will be taking you along for the ride every step of the way courtesy of The Journey.

Over the course of several written and multimedia showcases, complete with a array of special guests, we will get lowdown on entering the streaming world to officially taking titles to market, and everything in between. Below, Josh Green, of Fruity Slots and Co-Founder of Dream Spin, offers a sneak peak on to what you can expect.

Dream Spin is an exciting new game studio co-founded by myself, one of the creators behind the prominent slots streaming and affiliate site, Fruity Slots, along with my partners, James Rosen and William Barnes. William is the founder of another successful affiliate and streaming channel, Hideous Slots.

In this series of monthly articles and podcasts, we are thrilled to take you on our journey. Over the next 12 months, we’ll share our experiences, challenges, and lessons learned as we lead up to the launch of our first games next year. We are committed to transparency, offering you an honest view of our journey, including both our successes and failures.

This introductory article outlines what you can expect from this series. Our first podcast, set to be released next month, provides an in-depth introduction to us – Jamie, Will, and myself – along with our backgrounds and experiences in the igaming industry.

One of the fundamental questions we’ll delve into is our decision to enter the slot studio business, even though it’s an intensely competitive and saturated market. With our limited experience in this field, how can we hope to create games that meet the high standards set by
established providers? We don’t view it as arrogance or naivety but rather as an expression of our ambition and confidence in our vision and ability to execute.

The three of us are passionate gamblers at heart, evident through our successful YouTube channels, boasting a combined subscriber count of over 60,000. We embrace risk and relish challenges, but, most importantly, we share an unrivalled passion and an extensive knowledge of online slots.

We can proudly claim to have played nearly every type of slot, old and new, more than anyone else involved in a game studio. Our YouTube channels have garnered over 40 million views, with over 1,250 videos and a staggering 2,000 live streams – all centred around slots.

If we don’t understand what makes a good slot, it’s doubtful anyone does. It’s important to note that our preferences may not align with the broader player base, but our viewers provide valuable insights and opinions on the games they enjoy.

In this series, we’ll delve into the complexities of creating commercially successful games, a subject that extends far beyond game quality alone. We’ll also share our extensive experience working with top game studios, highlighting how these partnerships have bolstered our belief that we can craft games that resonate with player preferences.

Our podcasts will feature industry guests from game studios such as Print Studios, 4theplayer, and Avatar UX. We’ll discuss what sets their games apart, scaling a startup studio, marketing and distribution challenges, balancing game math and mechanics, and exploring various game IPs.

Another fundamental decision to launch a studio was the unique marketing position we are in having an extremely large and existing community of slot enthusiasts. Whilst 589 followers on our Dream Spin twitter account is not much to boast about, this is still significantly more than other big name studios who have been around for years. What’s more impressive is that this following was gathered in just over a week, with only a few tweets and no product to showcase.

The power of influencer marketing will be looked at in a lot of detail, how we can leverage our YouTube channels and community and even collaborate with our audiences and network of slot players with the aim to actively involve them in shaping our games.

Readers can expect to discover our experience in building our first game. This will hopefully cover a full spectrum from how we went about recruitment, what investment was needed to turn our ideas into working and visual concepts, learning and balancing math profiles, understanding the nuances and complexities of art design, animations and sound and how they have such an important part in shaping the final product.

Developing a game is one challenge; finding a distribution partner is another. We’ll discuss the obstacles we faced in securing a partnership, ultimately leading us to one of the market’s largest aggregators and distributors, Light and Wonder.

As this series unfolds, we’ll share both our successes and failures during the launch of our first game, Buzz Thrill. We aim to provide insight into the numerous learning curves we’ve already navigated and those we anticipate in the future as we continue to grow.

We’re eager to share this journey with you and our existing communities.