Earnings+More Forum SBC Summit North America

SBC Events is proud to present The Earnings+More: Capital Markets Forum, an exciting addition to the 2024 edition of SBC Summit North America.

Scheduled for Tuesday 7 May, the forum, which will take place in the world’s financial capital New York City, is a collaborative effort between SBC and +More Media. This will bring together 500 senior executives from both the investment world and the gaming industry to discuss a range of pivotal topics impacting the North American sector through a series of conference sessions. 

Their discussions will span a wide range of subjects, including the market’s current trajectory, the positions of market leaders, challenges from emerging players, M&A opportunities, market entries and exits and supplier evaluations. 

Aidan Brain, VP of Conference Production (Americas) at SBC said: “M&A activity is experiencing a remarkable upswing within the industry, especially in the United States. This underscores the need to set aside time for deliberations on how the global economic situation and the intricate regulatory environment influence the industry’s overarching landscape.

“Furthermore, the discourse surrounding emerging markets and strategic investments is highly relevant. We’re thrilled to collaborate with AndMore Media to make these conversations possible.”

Earnings+More, the newsletter produced by AndMore Media, serves as a comprehensive hub for all news, viewpoints, and insights that carry weight in the global betting and gaming sector. It covers earnings updates from sector companies, including start-ups, growth-focused enterprises, and publicly listed organisations.

Moreover, the resource casts a wide net to include various other factors that contribute to sentiment within the sector, such as global company earnings, data releases from regulated jurisdictions, the latest developments in M&A, and emerging marketing trends, among other relevant topics.

Scott Longley,
Managing Director of AndMore Media, commented on the partnership: “We are truly excited to combine our subject matter proficiency with SBC’s expansive industry network to deliver high-level content and focused dialogues on where investments should be directed and where industry restraint is warranted.

“SBC has a strong track record of orchestrating outstanding events, granting access to industry leaders, and we possess the knowledge essential for driving these discussions.”

The pre-event forum will be of great utility to C-level executives focusing on M&A activities, advisors hailing from banks and operator backgrounds, banking professionals, boutique firms, and investors.

Scheduled for May 7-9, 2024, the 2024 SBC Summit North America will be held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey. The event is expected to host 5,000 delegates, feature over 75 exhibitors, and bring together 300 speakers who will share their expertise on the rapidly expanding online betting and gaming industry in the United States and Canada.

The Earnings+More: Capital Markets Forum is set to be a key component of the pre-day conference, featuring the Player Protection Symposium among other additional elements. To secure your attendance, stay tuned for the release of the special three-day access pass, available alongside other ticket choices in the coming weeks.