Andrzej Hyla, Chief Commercial Officer at Wazdan, walked the latest edition of SBC Leaders through the developer’s journey into Latin America as he outlines the opportunities that lie ahead.

SBC Leaders: Why has Latin America been such a key focus for Wazdan over the last few years? 

Andrzej Hyla: Wazdan’s journey in Latin America began in Colombia in 2020 and has been remarkable. We’ve been making significant strides, signing deals with tier one operators, and successfully implementing our state-of-the-art gaming solutions. The region is a hotbed of development, which is precisely why we’ve honed our focus on delivering our innovative solutions to LatAm operators and aggregators. 

It’s exciting to watch the rapid growth of this prominent region, and our commitment remains unwavering as we continue to pursue high-value partnerships with operators in the thriving igaming sector. Colombia, with its solid regulatory framework, naturally became the focal point of our expansion efforts. We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to expand our network of successful and longstanding partnerships in the region.

On a celebratory note, we’re absolutely thrilled to receive nominations in two prestigious categories at the SBC Latinoamerica Awards 2023: Rising Star in Casino and Casino & iGaming Supplier of the Year. These nominations are a testament to our continuous efforts in delivering unparalleled casino solutions and cutting-edge gaming experiences to players.

SBCL: How do you plan to use your successes in Europe to drive growth across Latin America?

AH: We’re keeping a close watch on regulatory developments across various markets. It’s crucial for us to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to evolving regulations. We’re particularly excited about the prospects of growing in newly regulated markets, such as Brazil, which is poised to join the ranks. Our determination to strengthen our presence in these emerging territories is unwavering.

Our success in Europe has been underpinned by a commitment to innovation and quality. For more than 10 years, we have been supplying the market with world-class games. Our portfolio comprises 180+ award-winning titles that are present in more than 25 markets across more than 1,500 casino brands. We plan to continue this ethos in Latin America.

However, we are not merely stopping at game offerings. We understand that the igaming landscape is evolving rapidly, and player engagement goes beyond just providing great games. That is why we constantly develop and improve our offering of promo tools, with a prominent Jackpot Rain recently joining Wazdan’s pantheon, joining Mystery Drop, Cash Drop, and many more. 

SBCL: Promotions are a popular way to engage with new bettors, but how do you effectively localise these campaigns to different audiences?

AH: Promotions are an important tool for engaging new players and increasing player retention. Localisation is pivotal to their success, ensuring they strike a chord with diverse audiences. At Wazdan, we approach this challenge with a blend of strategic finesse and cultural sensitivity. 

The key lies in recognising that each market possesses its unique characteristics and player preferences. We start by conducting in-depth research, delving into the nuances of the target audience. This insight forms the bedrock upon which we craft our campaigns.

Furthermore, regulatory compliance cannot be overstated. Adhering to local laws ensures the campaign’s legality and credibility. It’s a delicate balance, requiring constant vigilance to navigate the evolving landscape of igaming regulations.

Taking these steps enables us to run a well-received series of network promotions that utilise our award-winning Mystery Drop. This year alone casino operators have been invited to join a number of network promos which totalled €4,000,000 in prizes. The last quarter of 2023 will see yet another trio of thrilling promotions – Mystery Fall, HalloWIN Drop and Xmas Drop with a total prize pool of €2,500,000, fully covered by Wazdan.  

SBCL: Tell us about your extremely light games. How do you plan to bring something new to the table for LatAm bettors?

AH: Our extremely light titles combine our signature unique and elegant style with top-performing features and significantly improved loading speeds.

The primary goal behind the extremely light collection is to provide an optimal gaming experience on mobile devices. By creating a more lightweight design, players can now access our games without worrying about excessive data consumption or battery drain. This move opens up opportunities for casino operators to target markets with lower-end devices or less-developed internet infrastructures. 

We are putting players’ needs at the forefront, ensuring that a broader audience can enjoy our renowned features without compromise. Additionally, these games are very distinctive in the current igaming market, allowing operators to surprise their players with a breath of fresh air and a completely new experience of eco-responsible gaming.

Our extremely light collection includes new versions of our top-performing slots, such as 9 Coins, Burning Sun, Hot Slot: 777 Cash Out, Sizzling Eggs, and Hot Slot: 777 Coins. These games retain our best math models and mechanics, catering to both seasoned players and newcomers seeking a cutting-edge gameplay experience. 

We’re also not compromising on the core mechanics of our games. Players can continue to enjoy their favourite features and adjust the gameplay to their preferences with our advanced customisation suite, known as freedom of choice. This suite includes options like volatility levels, the buy feature, ultra fast mode, and chance level, giving players the freedom to tailor their gaming experience to their liking.

SBCL: Are there any other particular titles that you believe will be a big hit for players in the region?

AH: Absolutely! We have an exciting line-up of titles that we believe will strike a chord with LatAm players. 

First of all, Book of Faith combines the player-favourite Book bonus with our top-performing collect to infinity feature and lucrative Jackpots. What makes it unique is the innovative twist where expanding bonus symbols transform into cash symbols after paying out winnings and are accumulated by collector symbols. The game’s unique mathematical model is further enhanced by customisable game options like chance level, creating an immersive experience perfectly suited to the LatAm market.

Another exciting release to watch out for is Black Horse Cash Out Edition. This is the third instalment of the classic Wazdan game that has remained a player favourite for over a decade. In this edition, we added Jackpots for increased excitement and introduced two types of Cash Out symbols, including a sticky one designed to keep players engaged. 

For those who appreciate luxury and glamour, we have two prestigious titles: Mighty Symbols: Diamonds and 9 Coins Grand Diamond Edition, the next instalment of our top series in LatAm. These games are designed to provide a touch of opulence and are sure to appeal to the most discerning players.

SBCL: Walk us through the development process when it comes to creating new game features. Have you got any new features in the pipeline?

AH: The development process is a dynamic and player-centric journey. We’re proud to offer a range of unique, trademarked features that are exclusive to our games. 

These features, including collect to infinity, cash infinity, sticky to infinity, hold the jackpot, chance level, and volatility levels, are designed to immerse players in gameplay like never before. At their core, these innovative mechanics are intended to offer players increased engagement, not only boosting the enjoyment of our games but also enhancing player retention – which is a win-win for both players and operators in LatAm.

We’re committed to providing players with the freedom to choose their gaming experiences and are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.