When you reflect on the world of online casinos, it’s relatively safe to suggest that players are not exactly struggling for choice when it comes to selecting a brand, or brands, of choice.

Subsequently, the choice to enter this saturated environment is one that cannot be taken lightly, with a whole heap of factors having to be carefully considered and overcome before a launch date can even be pondered. 

However, BetBeast, a Thrill Partners launch, is one such example that has lofty global ambitions following a September soft launch. Alison Brincat, Chief Operations Officer, talks us through how numerous challenges were overcome and the difficulty of selecting launch countries, in addition to touching on Latin America and Asian ambitions, and much more.

CasinoBeats: You have recently launched BetBeast; could you begin by first talking us through some of the challenges that accompany debuting a new brand? And how can these be overcome?

Alison Brincat: At BetBeast we believe personal freedom creates ultimate thrills. And that is what we base our brand on. Let’s be honest, there isn’t really a lack of run-of-the-mill casino sites. 

In the initial stages of brainstorming, we knew that we wanted BetBeast to stand out from the crowd, to take everything a player wants, needs, and loves & incorporate it all into one brand. One of the main challenges we had was to create an all-round online casino and sportsbook that had it all, one that didn’t take one aspect and focus on that and end up lacking in the rest. 

We started off with a great base: an amazing dedicated team, with years of experience under their belts. We spent a lot of time building solid connections, conducting industry research, listening to any feedback, good or bad, with an open mind. 

Testing is extremely important to us, our team works around the clock, testing all aspects, on all markets, ensuring the player’s journey is seamless from start to finish.

CB: What are some of the key factors that must be kept in mind when developing a new brand in order to achieve success?

AB: For us, customer experience really is at the forefront of all we build. We’ve seen it many times before, sites that are visually pleasing, but then when it comes to customer service, site speed, cashouts etc, it’s all sub-par. 

At BetBeast, we have tried our very best to deliver a wide array of the most popular payment methods for every market. We are continuously testing to ensure that they are up and running smoothly without any glitches so players can experience fast payments in multiple currencies including crypto. 

We offer rewards, daily, weekly & monthly tournaments & lotteries, excellent customer support as well as having a thrilling, easy-to-navigate product that is fast, with a wide array of the best game providers for every market to offer the best possible player experience.

Our framework uses the latest technology and caching methods to make sure our website is served at lightning speed and caters for regions with a lower bandwidth. Establishing a strong brand identity is also crucial. We put a lot of work into our content to ensure strong branding whilst making the player feel at home. 

We’ve also differentiated ourselves by offering an extensive reward system, with rewards given at every level up using a loyalty points system that can be monitored by the player. This then parallelly takes the player up the VIP ladder that opens an extensive plethora of benefits and rewards. 

CB: You have launched across a smattering of countries. Why were these selected? What appealed about these regions?

AB: Our choice of countries was influenced by our years of experience in this industry. We are targeting markets where we have built success in the past. 

This way we have the flexibility to offer a professional and fresh experience for our valued players, whilst being able to create a thrilling journey, and not necessarily taking ourselves too seriously. 

Just a brief look at the website and you can see our tone is very light and humorous, whilst also maintaining an air of professionalism. 

CB: You have suggested that expansion is planned across the coming months, will this entail product enhancements or market expansion? Or both?

AB: Although we are ambitious, we have enough experience in the industry to know that if we are going to do something, it has to be done right. We aren’t looking to start up a new brand every other month, focus on quantity and forget quality. 

We listen to our players, so ultimately we are aiming to maintain and improve our top notch product, keeping the core values of the brand in mind. 

Market expansion is something we will continuously keep working on, wherever we might see potential opportunities. In fact, we are looking to enter Latin America & Asia to work towards our goal of becoming a global market leading brand. 

CB: What can we expect from BetBeast through 2024 and beyond?

AB: We have massive works going on in the background at the moment that will trickle through to next year. We are fine tuning the site based on player and partner feedback whilst keeping on top of industry trends to keep a fresh competitive product with highest RTP slots and competitive odds. 

We are expanding on key markets, adding multiple languages, and we are adding 25 game providers over the next 12 months. Our full focus is on making BetBeast a globally-recognised casino and sportsbook site whilst keeping our player-first attitude.