Branding took centre stage as the CasinoBeats team took to the iGamingDaily to reveal the difficulty with standing out in such a challenging market, specifically for new operators. 

“It’s all about standing out and appealing to players”, Craig Davies stated as he reflected on discussions with BetBeast, a firm that has recently undergone expansion and sought to maximise engagement amongst casino players. 

The panel agreed that an efficient and meticulous strategy is integral to appealing to a new audience and enjoying success upon expansion into new markets. 

Furthermore, Davies highlighted that it is important to avoid solely focusing on what players enjoy, but also to take heed of the elements that disengage players and ensure they are being avoided. 

Danny Lee also cemented the idea that forming a brand presence and ensuring that an engaging lobby is provided can be pivotal for ensuring player retention, specifically amongst smaller operators. 

Davies went on to highlight how important strategic M&A can be when it comes to regional expansion. M&A can be an incentive for many, he underlined, as operators perhaps move into markets with an eye to being purchased. 

The podcast then emphasised that free-to-play can be a vital asset to maximising player retention and bringing them back – tapping into leaderboards and other competitive elements that provide a new avenue to gaining player attention. 

As well as this, Lee cited the need for an initial activation, specifically when it comes to matched bonuses and promotions and sign up offers – something he stated can be crucial to having a positive first impression between operator and player. 

The podcast was also united in stating that safer gambling protocols and player protection also bolster retention – with players wanting to know they are seen as valued and aren’t just there for quick transactions.