Aleksandra Andrishak, Editor-in-Chief at slot affiliate Slotsjudge, adds her own perspective to the ongoing discussion around AI and how it will have an inevitable impact on the casino affiliate sector.

CasinoBeats: How can casino affiliates use AI to increase detection rates for fraudulent activities and how do you do this without impacting the user experience?

Aleksandra Andrishak: Well, it’s interesting that even decades ago, the financial sector used expert systems, continuous auditing, and machine learning to detect fraud and protect users. Today, these methods are even more advanced and used in different areas, including the casino affiliate industry.

The thing is that it’s really hard or even impossible for humans to deal with all the data required to monitor users’ behaviour. AI technologies, for their part, can provide a detailed behaviour analysis, natural language processing, automated anomaly detection, and continuous learning. Thus, algorithms are trained to deal with data in different sectors, including igaming, and efficiently detect fraud.

Real cases of global brands prove that AI can be helpful. Rakuten France and BlaBlaCar implemented the AI-based DataDome solution and boasted that attacks from increasingly sophisticated bots decreased, while the personal details of millions of customers were protected without impacting user experience or worsening the performance of their apps and websites.

As a result, casino affiliates can follow the same way and consider these cases, applying AI-based technologies crafted specifically for the igaming area. This can affect personal data and financial sectors to keep the details safe yet avoid impacting user experience.

CB: Tell us more about how AI can help affiliates maximise the efficacy of personalised recommendations and promotions.

: For sure, players want to find information and tips which are not general but personalised and solve their very own issues. That’s why AI-driven personalisation techniques in marketing and customer engagement are the future for affiliates who want to keep users retained.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can provide tailored solutions which resonate with each individual customer. Again, if we are talking about global examples, Amazon’s recommendation system is based on machine learning which adapts recommendations in real time for relevant customer experiences.

The same can be helpful for affiliates to offer customers recommendations about bonuses and games relying on their gameplay experience and behaviour, including the preferred bankroll, recently played slots, and other factors. This can be implied in the form of personalised email notifications, tailored recommendations, and even customised elements of the website.

On the other hand, this may have some negative consequences, first of all, connected with ethical considerations, as well as data handling and privacy. Some players can find this marketing too annoying. Plus, it’s important to take care of responsible gambling tools since such an engagement level can keep players gambling more.

CB: Responsible gaming and player protection are high on the industry’s priority list right now. What part can AI play in helping to shape a safe environment for players?

: We believe that AI can be helpful not only to help affiliates get more customers but also to deal with the compulsive gambling problem. Thanks to smart behaviour analysis and natural language processing, AI can monitor player behaviour and easily identify problem gambling patterns.

For example, when a player deposits and enters a game after a big loss, this may be a signal of chasing losses. Too long gaming sessions may also signal certain problems. For now, we have some examples of this kind, like reality checks (pop-up messages showing that a player is in the game for more than an hour), but we hope to achieve more. Potentially, AI can analyse plenty of gameplay factors and provide personalised recommendations for players to enhance responsible gaming initiatives.

It’s still essential to keep this balance between player privacy and proactive player protection, so affiliates face a new challenge, and if we manage to solve this, users will get a new level of protection, which will positively influence the industry in general.

CB: On a more creative front, does AI have the potential to assist in the development of more engaging and immersive games?

: For sure, AI has already been implemented in certain software development areas. Though it can’t fully replace humans, lots of things can be optimised this way, which is successfully used in the online gambling area.

Depending on the supplier’s needs, AI can be used to adjust jackpot sizes and pay-outs dynamically, generate marketing materials and user interface elements to minimise the expenses for graphic design, deliver dynamic and adaptive game environments, and more. Of course, design and content creation are the most popular directions.

An example of artificial intelligence implemented in online casino software development is the AI-powered Joker Ra slot by Endorphina launched on 27.04.2023. ‘We have significantly levelled up our visual identity and graphics with the help of artificial intelligence’, says Endorphina’s team.

Moreover, there are companies which offer AI-powered software development services to create slots, bingo, roulette, blackjack, and other games with personalised gameplay and dynamic elements based on players’ behaviour, including bonuses and even challenges. This displays lots of potential for AI in online casino software development.

CB: And finally, to summarise, why would you say that AI is the future for casino affiliates?

: First and foremost, the casino affiliate market, as well as any other business, always needs innovation. We need to consider the experience of using AI by successful brands like Amazon and Rakuten and implement it in our market.

Furthermore, the industry is evolving, so we need advanced solutions to analyse players’ needs, protect their data, and deliver personalised content for a more targeted audience. That’s why machine learning in the antifraud sector and AI-driven marketing materials are a perfect match for casino affiliates.

In the perspective of long-term AI adoption for casino affiliates, we can predict the rise of dynamic software development with personalised elements like tips, rewards, or tourneys, more helpful responsible gambling tools, including solutions to track compulsive gambling in time to prevent gambling addiction.

Perhaps, we will even see casino games where players can generate their own characters or change certain in-game elements to match their preferences. In other words, we expect more customisation solutions, as well as safety and responsible gambling tools.

All these things will positively impact both the casino affiliate market and the growth of the igaming sector in general, so artificial intelligence is going to be a new word if we use it wisely and consider the needs of players!