Crown Perth
Image: ChameleonsEye/Shutterstock

Australian Financial Review has reported that a review is set to be conducted into Crown Resorts’ CEO, following allegations that he stepped in to allow customers to be let back into the establishment after being removed. 

The allegations stem from one player being permitted to continue gambling despite reports that they had brought a minor onto the casino floor. 

As well as this, there were also allegations that CEO Ciarán Carruthers had allowed a player back onto the casino floor after they had been removed for being too intoxicated. That being said, the report emphasised that both cases levelled against Carruthers were allegations. 

Earlier in the month, NSW regulators sought to increase the guidelines around consumers being too drunk on premises as well as halting minors from entering the establishment. 

It was underlined that significant sanctions would be in place for those who break the rules in the state. 

A statement from Liquor & Gaming NSW Executive Director Regulatory Operations, Jane Lin, said: “If a minor is caught within a casino, we may exclude them from re-entering for a period from their 18th birthday, which means they won’t be able to visit until they’re at least 19, and they may be issued with a fine.

“Minors will also not be allowed to keep any winnings from gambling and will leave empty-handed. We have also reminded the casino operators of their obligations to prevent minors from entering casinos including by ensuring that casino staff are checking IDs where necessary.”