Optimove to assist 888AFRICA with player engagement & retention

Image: Shutterstock

Optimove has been selected by 888AFRICA to assist the operator with player engagement and retention in African markets.

Through the partnership, 888AFRICA – a joint venture partly owned by 888 Holdings – will utilise Optimove’s CRM marketing solution, which has several features including in-depth customer insights, smart orchestration, enhanced marketing attribution and personalisation at scale.

“Our collaboration with Optimove marks a significant milestone in our pursuit of accelerating growth and elevating player retention in the competitive igaming landscape,” stated Christopher Coyne, CEO of 888AFRICA.

“As we implement Optimove’s industry-leading CRM Marketing solution, we are confident in the capabilities it brings to the table. Optimove’s expertise in providing in-depth customer insights, smart orchestration, enhanced marketing attribution, and personalisation at scale aligns seamlessly with our strategic objectives. 

“This partnership reflects our dedication to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences and achieving our ambitious expansion plans across Africa’s regulated online betting and gaming markets.”

Using Optimove’s CRM marketing solution, 888AFRICA will be able to “access unified player data to create as many creative player segments as they desire without relying on other teams”, as well as combine AI with business rules for smart multi-channel orchestration.  

In addition, the solution will help the operator “measure the incremental impact of each message along the player journey” and personalise every marketing message’s audience, channel, and content levels. 

Earlier this week, Optimove agreed to a similar CRM marketing solution partnership with Kindred and its Unibet brand.

Peter Miles, Director of Sales at Optimove, added: “We are honoured to have been selected as the CRM marketing partner for 888AFRICA, and we look forward to supporting their foresight and strategic approach in seizing market opportunities.

“The 888AFRICA team truly understands the power of loyalty and personalisation in every marketing action, particularly in such a competitive landscape. We are committed to ensuring that our tools and capabilities become invaluable assets as we join their team in bringing their vision to life.”