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Spillemyndigheden has declared a significant renewal error with its ROFUS self-exclusion service, resulting in around 1,200 registrants having “the opportunity to gamble”.

The Danish gambling authority commented that the error identified caused people who renewed their ROFUS registration to only have their original registration renewed and not any additional games covered by the service since the original registration took place.

Whenever someone renews with the self-exclusion service, the exclusion is supposed to apply “to all games that are covered by ROFUS at the individual time of renewal”.

As a result of the error, approximately 1,200 people were affected and “by mistake had the opportunity to gamble at physical casinos or buy bets in betting machines”. 

The error has since been corrected, with Spillemyndigheden noting that “all renewals in the future exclude the registrant from all games covered by ROFUS at the time of renewal”.

An error was also found by the authority in “no thanks to gambling advertisements”, which has also been corrected so that “all individuals who have renewed their registration in ROFUS after 1 January 2020 are now covered by the mandatory scheme”.

The case has also been reported as a data breach by the gambling authority to the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Spillemyndigheden concluded: “The Danish Gambling Authority makes a great effort to ensure that ROFUS is a stable and reliable service that you can trust. Therefore, it is also very regrettable that there is an error in the system.

“All persons who have been affected will receive a direct message in e-Boks.”

Earlier this month within its December market results, Spillemyndigheden noted that the number of people registered to ROFUS was 46,152, with 30,804 permanently registered.

In addition, the StopSpillet gambling helpline held 523 helpline conversations during 2023, with players making out 58.7 per cent of the total conversations, followed by relatives at 40 per cent and consultants at 1.3 per cent. 2,409 other conversations with StopSpillet occurred during the year.