Manesh Palli, Head of Marketing at WA.Technology, talks about the company’s tailored approach to offering a full spectrum of igaming solutions. Customers, he says, can expect a platform that’s localised, customised and personalised.  

CasinoBeats: With WA.Technology being relatively new to the market, how does your approach differentiate your services and solutions?

Manesh Palli: Our approach at WA.Technology is defined by our commitment to delivering custom-tailored igaming solutions per market per client. The heart of our operation, the WA.Platform combines our full spectrum of platform solutions into one solution and showcases our dedication to providing customisable and efficient solutions created with each client and their players in mind. 

WA.Platform’s enhanced update functionality will also play a big part in what we can offer. Key features such as our ready-to-use BI reporting suite, adaptable casino AI, and a content management system that fine-tunes content per user, client, and market underscore our focus on creating a platform that’s not only flexible and localised but also deeply personalised for each player, ensuring both user satisfaction and brand integrity and consistency. 

Our primary focus is to provide highly customised and localised solutions with local support from the teams on the ground to differentiate each brand.

CB: Can you highlight the major achievements of WA.Technology to date?

MP: Our journey has been marked by significant progress, mainly our ongoing enhancements of products and solutions and strategic expansion across global markets. Notably, our presence in Latin America, such as with Brazilian giant PixBet, is rapidly growing. LatAm is a region poised for tremendous growth due to recent regulatory advancements. 

Our team is committed to cultivating strong client relationships and delivering tailored products; that’s one reason we decided to work with Latin American experts at LatAm Entertainment. Their on-the-ground knowledge of the local culture and nuances will be invaluable to our clients. 

Additionally, our venture into the African market with a specialised platform WA.Africa, led by African igaming experts, represents a significant leap. WA.Africa is an omnichannel platform solution that integrates mobile, retail, and online gaming for the African igaming sector and the specific needs of our clients and their users in those markets. 

One of our clients – Supabets – is a leading operator in Africa. They chose us to expand their operations within the continent due to our expert-level tailoring skills and specialism in targeting each client’s target market. 

CB: Emerging markets are a focal point for WA.Technology. How do you address the intricate demands these markets present?

MP: Navigating the complexities of emerging markets is a multifaceted task that involves a thorough grasp of local preferences and regulatory requirements. Our approach is rooted in our team’s extensive market insight, engagement with local expert teams, and continually refining and remodelling our platform to meet specific market needs. 

We always prioritise hiring people with established knowledge and experience in the respected markets. The recent addition of Waldir Marques, former CEO of CAIXA Loterias S.A., as our Director of Regulatory Affairs highlights our authenticity in providing top-tier, compliant, localised solutions.

We go beyond surface-level factors, like payment methods and popular sports, to include cultural nuances in every aspect of our product development, ensuring our offerings are globally appealing and locally adaptable; hence, we decided to create a specific platform just for Africa. 

CB: What essential qualities do you believe are necessary for success in emerging markets?

MP: Success in these markets requires more than just a standard product; it needs solutions that resonate with local audiences and comply with the regulations. This means adaptability, creativity, and a deep commitment to understanding and catering to local preferences. Maintaining regulatory compliance is crucial, necessitating a skilled legal team capable of navigating the ever-changing regulatory environment.

We make a point of making everything that we do personal. Some providers churn out repetitive solutions and products indistinguishable from brand to brand. We never wanted to go down that road. Right from the very start, we decided that the way we handled things would be different: treat each client one-on-one, listen to what they wanted, and work together to make it a reality.

CB: WA.Technology has seen considerable success in Brazil. How do you foresee the market evolving with the new regulatory changes?

MP: Brazil’s market growth trajectory is expected to continue, reflecting positively on our clients’ successes. Our Brazil team strongly emphasises cultivating good client relationships and delivering customised products that drive performance. Our recent notable appointment of Waldir proves our commitment to regional excellence; his expertise and knowledge in the arena will further propel us in the right direction.

As we adapt our strategies to align with Brazil’s regulatory changes, we anticipate increased opportunities fueled by heightened player engagement and growth prospects for our clients. Recent data and research from Brazil look promising for the industry and those who will benefit from the money raised for the local communities.

CB: What future developments do you foresee for WA.Technology?

MP: Our vision for WA.Technology is to further establish our brand on a global scale, with a particular focus on enhancing our presence in Latin America and Africa. Our achievements have paved the way for future success. 

Over the next year, we expect to broaden our client portfolio significantly, particularly in these critical markets and hope to secure more accolades for our work. As we expand our services further, recent partnerships, such as with Supabets to extend their wider African provision, will only increase. Our commitment always remains to deliver bespoke, user-focused solutions that use the latest technologies and trends, with several exciting projects already in the pipeline.