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As the competitiveness of the gaming market intensifies, the importance of CRM continues to evolve and grow. 

Ahead of the CasinoBeats Summit in Malta, we spoke to Betsson’s Alexandru Ababei who detailed his belief that data collection is at “a critical point in the industry”. 

CasinoBeats: What role can CRM implementation play in terms of aligning with personalised player experiences?  

Alexandru Ababei: With the right tools and the right strategy in place, the future looks very bright when it comes to personalised player experiences.  

Using data-driven insights in combination with new tools for segmentation and targeting powered by AI and machine learning that have real-time adaptability, will create the perfect ecosystem for customers to feel they now have their own personal online casino. 

This empowers operators to move beyond generic promotions and engage with players on a one-to-one level, offering personalised promotion pages with specific tailor-made offers for their style of play, budget and frequency, without the need for additional communication. Players will know they can log into their account at any time and get all and any promotions they want as everything is made instantly specific to their needs at that moment. 

CB: In terms of CRM, how vital is data collection and in turn why is it so pivotal that it’s used effectively?  

AA: Data collection is at a critical point in our industry. While traditionally used for understanding player behaviour, segmenting and targeting, there is an opportunity to shift its purpose. Beyond targeting and profit-driven uses, effective data utilisation should address things like responsible gaming, regulations, limitations, etc. 

CRM, as the foundation for understanding player behaviour, should enhance the overall player experience, with a focus on responsible and ethical use of data.  

CB: As social responsibility continues to take on increased importance, can the data acquired through CRM be a crucial tool in boosting safer gambling? 

AA: Absolutely, the data acquired through CRM can be a crucial tool in boosting safer gaming practices and promoting social responsibility. We need to use all the data we are getting and, as an industry, invest in tools that will identify at-risk behaviour, set limits, and monitor responsible gaming.   

Initiatives to further educate players are needed and it is equally crucial to champion best practices in regulatory compliance.  In an industry like ours, we should be looking for better ways to remove the stigma associated with gaming and create a safe and secure environment for people to enjoy our products.  

CB: With Betsson set to make an appearance in Malta for the CasinoBeats Summit this year, what does the company have in store for the event? 

AA: We are happy that the CasinoBeats Summit is hosted in Malta, particularly given Betsson’s longstanding operational headquarters presence in the country for the past 20 years. 

In addition to my own participation, I am confident that numerous other Betssonites will be in attendance, actively contributing by sharing insights on panels, participating in knowledge-sharing sessions and taking advantage of networking opportunities within the industry. This event serves as a significant platform for us to engage, collaborate, and showcase our expertise within our industry. 

CB: What recent developments in the online casino industry do you expect to be a key talking point at CasinoBeats Summit? 

AA: I expect several key developments like AI and Machine Learning to be prominent key discussion points as well as new regulations, responsible gaming and emerging markets. I would also hope to see some new tools that will help improve the day-to-day work activities.  

CB: At CBS, you will be appearing on a CRM-focused panel. How significant do you believe automation will be when it comes to operators increasing their CRM?  

AA: I believe CRM automation is becoming pivotal in the continuous evolution of CRM strategies. Operators now have the ability to streamline processes, boost efficiency and deliver more personalised and timely interactions with players. 

CRM automation is nowadays a standard in the industry and with AI and Machine Learning at our doorstep, this trend will only continue to develop. Moreover, the speed and scalability offered by automation are invaluable. Operators are able to respond promptly to real-time data, adjusting promotions and incentives dynamically. This agility is particularly crucial in an industry where trends and player preferences can change rapidly. 

Having said that, I still believe that human intuition, creativity, and empathy remain irreplaceable in certain aspects of customer relationship management. Striking the right balance between automation and the human touch is essential to deliver a comprehensive and satisfying player experience.